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Feb 1, 2010 09:42 AM

Boccaccio (Hicksville) - any thoughts?

My wife's hairdresser recommended Boccaccio on Old Country Road in Hicksville as a nice spot for Italian. I didn't find any Chowhound postings when I checked the Boards so can anyone offer some comments about this place? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm curious myself, as many, many years ago, a Bocaccio replaced an exceptional Piccolo on North Broadway in Hicksville. Pretty sure where the Kabul Grill is now. At the time, maybe 37 years ago, it was Northern Italian.

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      Same type of thought process, wow they're still around? Used to be the go-to place back in the day.

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        My boss highly recommended a restaurant in Huntington, turned out to be named Piccolo. He was going to ask next time he was there if they were the same. I just googled and the menu sure looks like it could be. I ALWAYS ordered the Clams Casino and was the first restaurant I enjoyed the tableside creation of the Caesar Salad.

        One way or the other, I would love to eat there...

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          Is that the Italian restaurant that was just north of Northern State (?) on 110? When I started going out with my husband in 1975, we thought we were in heaven when we went there, and I did see a more casual restaurant (I think Indian) a few years ago when I passed. We were in our 20s but they treated us like we were Donald Trump. I couldn't remember the name anymore, wonder if DH does? A good ValentineDay quiz for him.

          Never mind, just remembered it was Villa Parma. But it did turn into an Indian place too.

          1. re: coll

            Hi Coll,

            The original Piccolo's I referred to was on 106/107 (129? North Broadway) in Hicksville. I believe it changed to Boccaccio before 1974. The Piccolo now in Huntington is 215 Wall Street...


            1. re: MacTAC

              Good to know. The other Italian I remember in the area was Capriccio's, and I think I heard they were still around not long ago. Nice to know some places stick it out through all the ups and downs.

              1. re: coll

                I haven't heard Capriccio's in quite a while. Was that on Jericho Tpk, just east of 106/107? There have been several changes over quite a few years there...

                1. re: MacTAC

                  Yeah not surprised if Capriccios is gone. I worked and lived in that area for many years (1970s), but haven't been back in quite a while. That was where my boss had business lunches when he was in from London, I only went once or twice, too young to really appreciate such fine dining. There was a very nice upscale Chinese place near there too. But I started going to Boccaccio's right around when they opened, much more comfortable.

                  1. re: coll

                    "I only went once or twice, too young to really appreciate such fine dining."

                    Well, that makes me not quite so jealous :-)

                    1. re: MacTAC

                      Let's just say it was good practice for future dining perceptions!

      1. re: mcf

        We happened to be there on Saturday night taking advantage of a birthday special. The service was very gracious and when one in our party made special requests they were granted without a problem. Then the bus boys brought us the wrong order (must have been meant for another table!) and when we protested the plates were immediately wisked away and a few minutes later our dinners appeared exactly as ordered. Though not the very best I've ever had, we had an enjoyable and tasty meal in a pleasant atmosphere and we could actually hold a conversation which is a definite plus.

      2. ownership has completely changed over the last 10 years. not as good as it used to be.

        1. My husband and I went to Boccaccio"s a couple of months ago. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. My husband ate the osso bucco which was served with homemade gnocchi. I had delicious salmon. There was an unusual appetizer with various meats and onions that our dinner companions ordered(it was delicious). Highly recommend this restaurant.