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Recommendations for inexpensive yet romantic?

Different question -- my wife and I are taking a long weekend in Montreal this weekend, and we're trying to do it inexpensively but memorably. Our hotel is Le Meridien Versailles near the CCA, but we can get around on the subway and buses. (At least, it looks pretty straightforward; we obviously haven't done it yet.)

I'm guessing there must be a million suggestions, so I'm grateful for the help on this. Would posters have recommendations for inexpensive yet romantic / memorable places for lunch and dinner? Easily accessible by public transportation is a plus. Modern Continental / American / Canadian cuisine preferred.

Help us make it a great weekend! Thanks!

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  1. Love to help, but please let us know first what you think is inexpensive? 10$ - 35$ - 100$ per person for a prix fixe?

    1. What food style/ethnicity you like or do not like ?
      Wine is important or not ?
      What is "inexpensive" ? $50, $70, $100 per person ? Wine included ?

      I could suggest "Les 3 Petits Bouchons" (small but very good wine list, and food is very good).
      I could suggest "La Porte" for french cuisine.
      I could suggest "Raza" for south-american style cuisine, or "Jolifou" for south american influenced french cuisine (a bit in further away but worth it)
      I could suggest Pinxto for tapas.


      1. Bistro Justine on Van Horne is quite inexpensive (bet. 14 and 16$ for a main, and 5.50$ for an appetizer) and I think it is romantic... Small and cozy.
        I like Maximilien's recommendation: Pintxo, if you like tapas. Of course, you can get carried away and over-order, in which case you exceed you budget (seems to always happen to me with tapas!)

        1. Thanks for the feedback about being inspecific. I'd say that a total meal cost of ~C$70 for dinner would be our ceiling. Lunch of course less if possible.

          For cuisine types, modern takes on French, American, Canadian are preferred but some of those French-influenced restaurants sound pretty interesting.

          We like wine, but we don't want to spend too much. Ideally, the centerpiece of the evening would be the food and the ambiance.

          Does that help? I am grateful for the suggestions!

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            $70 each or for both of you? Before or including wine?

            There are also many byow restaurants here - while a good number are extremely casual and might cater more to groups, some are more "romantic". Very few are in the west-downtown area where you are staying, but many easily accessible by public transport.

          2. you can try bistro l'entrepont. It's a BYOB, a very small restaurant (seats about 20ish people) and the price is very reasonable (i think it's like 50 to 55 for a 7 course meal). The reservation has 2 times: 6pm or 9pm.

            Bistro l'Entrepont

            4622 avenue De l'Hotel-de-Ville
            Montreal, QC H2T 2B1
            (514) 845-1369

            1. I recommend that you try

              Café Bistro La Marinara1218 Rue Stanley, Montreal, QC H3B 2S7, Canada

              It doesnt get talked about much on this board but the prices are fairly inexpensive (starter and main under 25) and a liter of house wine is 30 (the wine isnt bad). It serves italian food - pastas and veal are the secialities. The owner is very welcoming and Ive been there over 10 times in the past year and was never let down.

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                I have been several times because the owner is a good friend of a colleague and I find the food very ordinary; not bad per say but not a destination type of restaurant for a memorable evening. It's OK if you're in the area and want decent italian but it's not a place I would seek out if I was from out of town

                1. re: hungryann

                  agreed- but in its price range and location its one of the best for what it serves- dont you agree?

                  the pizza place on drummond close to rene levesques also on the west side of the street is quite good for the the price too and feels slightly more hip

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                    i agree that it would not be a super memorable/ type of place you would propose to someone in

                2. There's a thread here with Carswell's extensive recommendations for restaurants, in mid-to high-end price ranges. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/643621 This should give the OP a pretty good idea of places to look at.

                  1. I would reccomend La Raclette, as the name suggests the restaurant is raclette it's relatively cheap i can't remember exactly how much but i think it came out to 60 max for the classic raclette of potatoes, about 5 slices of potatoe and some good amount of meat + daily pottage.
                    BYOB which is a plus
                    Very nice, small place with great food

                    Restaurant La Raclette
                    1059 Rue Gilford, Montreal, QC H2J1P7, CA