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Feb 1, 2010 09:38 AM

Nick's Original Roast Beef

After hearing about this place for years, I stopped by last Saturday to give their roast beef sandwich a try. In a word, fabulous!

Located in S Philly at 20th and Jackson (1 block north of Passyunk), I got very lucky with parking on the corner in the neighborhood, I doubt that will not happen again. Walked in and
ordered a carryout from the bartender. Roast Beef combo (with cheese) was $6.15 plus tax.

The roast beef was simply awesome, served a little bit of au jus and the melted cheese made this a perfect combination. A side of horseradish and pepper rings were optional.

Next time, I plan on eating inside, drinking beer and ordering more than just the beef. Is anything else recommended at Nick's? Or maybe I'll just order 2 sandwiches, they are that good!

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  1. i think they would die a thousand deaths if they heard someone called the roast beef fabulous. :) the pork and ham are both good too (some friends swoon over the pork), and you can bring a vegetarian since they do a rabe and cheese samwich (and you can do a rabe topper on any sammie). the gravy fries are awesome too....but you are not at all in the wrong if you just ordered two beefs and called it a day. i like my combo overboard and operated with lots of banana hots. and with a birch beer.

    and ps - this is a favie place of mine to take out-of-towners. i have never met anyone who didn't fall in love at first bite.

    and beware, nick's is closed on sundays.

    1. NIck's never disappoints. beef combo, overboard on the outs with horseradish and hots and a side of gravy fries is my regular order. best in the city. there is a second location in Springfield on Rt 420.

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          overboard = extra gravy (only good if you're eating in though). on the outs means the drier cuts on the outside of the meat, operated means the extra bread removed (the white, inside part). and brightman is right, nick's never disappoints.

          1. re: mazza3

            Thanks for the glossary.

            Why do you get the outside of the meat? To get the crust? Seems like it would dry.

            I'm super down the the scoop, er, operated.

            1. re: barryg

              The "outs" are kind of like when you get the skin from a porchetta sandwich. They are really flavorful from the caramelization. I would'nt make the whole sandwich with them, but a few pieces mixed in gives a great mix of textures and flavors.