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Feb 1, 2010 09:34 AM

Good, uniquely Montreal restaurant for business dinner?

A few colleagues and I are travelling to Montreal this week; we'll be staying downtown (in the Golden Square Mile) and we could really use a few restaurant recommendations. I've heard such great things about the Montreal dining scene.

Any suggestions for great food in kind of a fun, memorable atmosphere that is really unique to Montreal? It'd be nice to go back home with some memories of a great Montreal experience. If it helps, we are on expense account.


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  1. couple of suggestions :
    La Montée for "french" style cuisine,
    Café Ferreira for "portugese" style cuisine

    plateau-ish (but not that far away)
    Laloux, (french)
    Cocagne (french)
    Pinxto (tapas)

    1. If you want something fun and really unique to Montreal, you've ogot to try Au Pieds de Cochon although it could be very short notice to get a table. Newtown could also be considered since the food is good and they have hands down the best pastry chef in the city.

      1. club chasse et peche or europea

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          The ones mentioned above are fine but if you want "Quebecois" food I would suggest Fouquet et Fourchette.

        2. Agree with La Montee and Ferrera, but would really recommend Europea for an outstanding experience.

          Au Pied de Cochon is great as well, and is uniquely Quebecois/Montreal but I am not sure it is exactly what you want. The food is over-the-top rich and the atmosphere can be almost like a tavern rather than a serious restaurant.

          As for Fouquet et Fourchette, its fun, but its definitely not in league with any of the above and if you're on an expense account budget I'd give it a pass in favour of one of the above.