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Feb 1, 2010 09:18 AM

Restaurant Plan B

Does anyone have any clue as to how someone is to navigate their website??? possibly the worst i have ever seen. is the website indicative of what my experience may be?

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  1. The site works fine for me. I'm using Firefox as my browser and I'm on a Mac. I used the menu list to the left and when I clicked on a link, it opened on the lower two-thirds of what looks to be the home page. I clicked multiple links and they all worked. The links at the top bring you to a Google ads page of the subject clicked. This is a site for those interested in the restaurant business, not a specific restaurant. You are aware of that, correct?

    Perhaps it's the browser you are using or your computer? I know some sites I visit I can never navigate because of the combination of browser and computer I have to use here at work.

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    1. re: ttoommyy

      That can't be Plan B's true website. Don't know if they might have lost the domain name to someone else.

      Have contacted Jeffrey to find out what is going on. Will advise...

      1. re: ttoommyy

        if you look up restaurant plan b in asbury park nj, that is the site you will get, cookman street address and all.

        btw, i use safari on a mac. hoping for iPad soon......

        1. re: chefMD

          That is the old domain name. As long as all the search engines and local restaurant review sites continue to use it there is going to be confusion. I'm not even sure how one would go about getting the new URL up on all those sites; it's sort of like reverse identity theft...

      2. Looks like the site you reference in your original post "is dedicated to those who have tried and are desperate to move onto "Plan B" for their restaurant." Equal_Mark seems to have the correct URL for a the restaurant named Restaurant Plan B.

        1. Plan B was a 'one time experience' for this writer. Not anywhere near worth the prices with the food being less than memorable. Needless to say it will never sit atop my 'Plan A' list when considering dining in AP.