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Carrot Cake

Any suggestions for good carrot cake in philly

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  1. I love the carrot cake at Famous 4th Street Deli, but ordering a slice is a commitment, they're huge slices.

    1. The carrot cake from The Night Kitchen is amazing! I am not a huge fan normally but theirs is so very good.

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        The Carrot Cake at Smith & Wollensky on Rittenhouse Square is very good and very big. Or just go to the web site of Steve Poses, legendary restauranteur, get the recipe and make it yourself.

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          YOu are right JanePond. That Frog/Commissary recipe from long ago, a Steve Poses recipe, is incredible. Haven't made it in years, but certainly have not forgotten it!

      2. I am a carrot cake fiend. We even had it for our wedding cake. On a recent late night hunt for carrot cake I ended up at Genuardis which had surprisingly good carrot cake. Whole Foods makes a better carrot cake with true cream cheese icing. Zakes Cakes in Fort Washington now carries it.

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          Try Tabora Farms in Chalfont. It is in Bucks County, but worth the drive

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            Team Philly: Zakes cakes sells a Whole foods carrot cake?

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              Zakes makes their own carrot cake. Pardon my punctuation.

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                Hahah I remember trying Genuardi's carrot cake and thinking it was delicious but I didn't want to mention it due to its non-gourmet nature

                In fairness though, did you read the ingredients list? It was larger than the slice itself and had more chemicals than Michael Jackson's medicine cabinet!

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                  I agree about the ingredients. It must be a one font and the list is so long. But when it is a quarter to midnight and you're jonesing for carrot cake the old any port in a storm comes to mind.

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              Nearby to Zake's is Sweet Bytes Cafe. THey make the most amazing homemade cakes, their red velvet is to die for. I have not tried their carrot cake yet but if it is anything like their others I'm sure its delicious.

            3. What about the Carrot Cake Man in West Philly? Is he still around? I haven't had his cake in years, but he used to make a good one. Almost as good as my own.

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                He used to sell his carrot cakes in the Lancaster Farmers Market in Wayne. I haven't seen him there in a while though. I think that bakery stand sells his cakes his cakes.

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                  oops! one too many 'his cakes'

              2. If you can buy a slice of carrot cake from any place that is using the steve poses/commissary recipe...BUY IT it is the best.I owned a bakery in conshohocken for 15 years called morninglory and used this recipe and I sold a ton of them

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                  I think Steve Poses' carrot cake was my first back in the 70's. It still resounds as the best ever and unchallenged. Whatever happened to Steve?


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                    Steve is still around although not in the retail restaurant business he runs frog'comissary catering business an I too remember going to the comissary back in the early 80's for his great food

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                      If anyone is interested, Barnes and Noble does carry the newer (2002) edition of the Frog Commissary cookbook. I have the older edition published in 1985. That edition does include Stev'e's (or is it Anne Clark's) recipe for carrot cake, among other old favorites. I assume that the newer edition carries the recipe, as well.

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                      Steve Poses has a new cookbook now: At Home by Steve Poses


                      Let us know if you buy the book.

                      Here is the link to the Frog Commissary Catering- Like JanePond mentioned above you can order a carrot cake here:


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                      I miss Morningglory. Your cinnamon buns were the best!

                    4. Termini's makes adorable little individual carrot cakes

                      1. Isn't the best carrot cake the one you make yourself, for multiple reasons? First, there are a hundred optional ingredients you can customize to taste (plumped-up raisins, candied ginger, ground ginger, honey, ground coriander if you're British, ground clove, grated zucchini, shredded coconut, ground coconut, toasted pecans though not my thing, toasted walnuts, orange zest if you're Mediterranean, orange juice if you're my grandmother, pineapple, dollop of cream cheese baked right in the middle of carrot muffins). Second, it's foolproof. Most important, once you make it, you can help yourself to a slice whenever you like.

                        1. I know this is a very old thread, but I just wanted to mention a "blast from the past" for me anyway, in the form of carrot cake. I worked at the Lancaster County Farmer's Market (in Wayne) in high school (late 90's) and at D'Innocenzo's bakery a man named Vernon would sell his carrot cakes on Saturdays. During my several years working at the market there would be periods of "drama" between the owner of the bakery (Peter) and Vernon, so he would come and go. But, he worked there for many years, pitching his "Philly's best carrot cake" and offering samples. Anyway, fast forward 15 years and who is on my Market-Frankford El with a huge tray of cupcakes but Vernon, the Carrot Cake Man. He got off at 52nd street and I regret not flagging him down, as his carrot cake was amazing. Based on the links below he apparently has a few different flavors of icing now but still has a business centered around carrot cake. He's hard to track down, but if you ever see someone on a bus, train, or just walking down the street with a large tray of carrot cakes make sure you get a bunch. I am not really a carrot cake fan but these are amazing. I hope I see him again on my train soon so that I can confirm my memories aren't deceiving me.



                          1. Cupcakes Gourmet has really awesome carrot cake cupcakes... www.cupcakesgourmet.com - and since they're cupcakes, you get built-in portion control...

                            (the other flavors I've had from there have also been amazing!)