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Feb 1, 2010 09:12 AM

Restaurant Week - Pork Belly.... rip off?

I've been to 2 places during restaurant week, The Modern & Aureole. First went to The Modern where my boyfriend ordered a pork belly dish. He found that it had just a small morsel of actual meat underneath and the rest mostly fat, deeming most of it inedible.

I've eaten and prepared pork belly myself (being Asian) and thinking it was probably the restaurant itself giving us a bad cut. I know its a fatty cut, but I remember pork belly having the fat and meat alternating in layers, a 50/50 or 40/60 of meat to fat.

The following day we went to Aureole and port belly was on the menu again. To prove him wrong, I ordered it and had the same problem- I was served a small 2x2 square of fatty meat.

I was wondering, since I do not dine normally at such nice restaurants, is pork belly usually served like that normally or it just a custom of restaurant week of being served such small portions? I love pork belly, but should I just not order it again at these type of places?

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  1. Pork belly is very fatty, which is the main reason it is so delicious. As a result it is also very rich and filling, so serving it in small portions is perfectly normal. It is also inexpensive, which is why you are seeing it on more than one RW menu. As far as I am concerned, it could be 100% fat and none of it would be inedible. More important is how it is prepared. If this does not appeal to you, don't order it.