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Feb 1, 2010 08:50 AM

SHO, La Grenouille, Colicchio & Sons or Gotham. Where would you go?

I've narrowed it down to these 4 restaurants for my husband's birthday and need some help. Based solely on food, which would you choose?

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  1. We haven't been to Colicchio & Sons, and its been ages since we ate at Gotham B&G (mid-90's). Between SHO and Grenouille, it depends on whether you prefer innovative cuisine (Asian-inspired French) or very tradtional French. It would be a tough call for me, since I loved the food at both. But if hard pressed, I'd choose Grenouille.

    Btw, I know you asked for opinions based solely on the food, but of the four, Grenouille is the only one that requires jackets. Do you have a problem with that?

    SHO Photos:

    La Grenouille photos:

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    1. re: RGR

      Thanks, RGR. The jacket won't be an issue. He usually likes to wear one at nicer restaurants anyway.

      We normally go to places that are more modern so I think it might be nice to switch it up a little. But I have to say.. I think I preferred the SHO photos. :)

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        I vote very strongly for Grenouille over SHO. It is simply a much better and more polished restaurant. One of the classic NY restaurants that should not be missed.

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          Also if you want Asian -inspired French, I'd put Jean-Georges on your list. And have you considered Eleven Madison Park?

          1. re: gutsofsteel

            We've been to both and absolutely love both. I'd like to take him to a place he hasn't been before.

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              If you love them both...go to La Grenouille.

              1. re: gutsofsteel

                Thanks for your rec. I'll let you know how it goes if we end up going there.

      2. La Grenouille is gorgeous and a wonderful experience. Go there.

        1. Based on food alone: La Grenouille.
          If you haven't been there before, definitely, go. It's the last of the great-big-fat French restaurants.
          And the flowers are absolutely breathtaking (at this point I know the OP's saying "but the food, the food..." and although I know you can't eat flowers, they sure make the place look awfully pretty. Nobody else does decor quite the way they do.
          Did I say I like La Grenouille?

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          1. re: shaogo

            Thanks, shaogo.

            Actually, it's mainly because of La Grenouille that I asked for a decision based solely on food. I read a lot of go because it's the last of these restaurants around. And go because of the flowers. Well that's all fine and dandy, but what about the food?!. Good to know the food is just as good, or an even better reason to go.

            1. re: getbusyeating

              The food at La Grenouille is lovely. There's an active thread now on what to order there...

              1. re: getbusyeating

                La Grenouille is definitely not just about the gorgeous flowers and the ambiance. Actually, I happen to think there are way too many tables jammed into the place. We lucked out and were seated at a snug little corner table for two. In any case, the food really is excellent!

                1. re: RGR

                  Really? I've never felt crammed at La Grenouille. In fact I've been seated side-by-side several times which I love.

                  1. re: gutsofsteel

                    I remember a couple of reviews that mentioned the tight seating there. My favorite spot to sit is at a corner table where you can look out into the entire restaurant. I think I'll request that when I make the reservations.

                    1. re: gutsofsteel

                      I've never felt crammed either. They are very good at pulling out the tables along the banquettes to make it easy to get in and out, and once seated, I've never felt too close to the other tables.

                      1. re: gutsofsteel

                        I have no problem with side-by-side seating though our table for two at the front end of a banqette had us cater-corner from each other giving both of us a view of the entire back room. At some tables, there were people seated facing a wall. In any case, there are so many tables jammed into the front and back rooms that the distance between the tables is exceedingly close. Don't get me wrong. This would not keep me from going back. In addition to the wonderful food and excellent service, a huge plus for me is that did not play any music!

                2. I have not been to Grenouille, but can strongly recommend SHO. If you go, request a table for two along the glass wall overlooking the kitchen. Almost like a chef's table. Enjoy!

                  1. I like to take my husband somewhere new for his birthday every year. Last year it was Corton. Very nice! This year (last month) we went to SHO. I would definitely rate it as a wow! You are asking about the food: it was wonderful, and my husband and I love to eat out-high and low. Every course was perfect; my only quibble was the mignardises served with the coffee. They were beautifully presented but I thought the macarroons were stale. Since a birthday celebration includes the ambiance - I 'd give it an A+. La Grenouille has always been one of my favorite restaurants, so for me to recommend SHO is very heartfelt