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Feb 1, 2010 07:33 AM

Fatburger at Plymouth Meeting Mall?

Hey everyone, I heard last year that they were supposed to open a Fatburger at Plymouth Meeting Mall but now the mall website doesn't have it on there anymore. Does anyone know what happened? Thanks!

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  1. Greater than a year ago,There was a sign that it was "coming soon" then the sign disappeared. I tried calling fatburger but the customer service person that I reached required me to give my life history (name address phone number, have I ever eaten a fatburger, etc, etc etc etc) before she would answer the simple question: What Happened to the fatburger that was coming soon to PM...
    Needless to say- I hung up. If you are able to find out- please post.
    The area needs some good burgers!

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      My understanding is that they pulled out and will not be coming at all.