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Feb 1, 2010 07:09 AM

soft spots on apples?

Does anyone know if slightly soft spots on apples are unsafe to eat? I cook an apple into my oatmeal, and it occurs to me that it really wouldn't be noticeable in the final product if I didn't cut off the soft spots. We're talking just slightly soft, slightly darker spots here- nothing rotting.

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  1. Its not unsafe; it may not taste as good but as long as the apple is not molded then it's safe to eat

    1. it's fine. if it bothers you, just cut it out with the tip of a paring knife..

      1. Even if it were practically rotting it would not be unsafe, it just wouldn't taste good. You'll have no problem at all. Good idea to use it in oatmeal -- that way you don't have to waste it!

        1. What everyone else has said is true - it's just the taste that might not be so good. In my house growing up, when we had yicky looking apples (most often as a result of over-zealous picking at the orchard) in the fridge, it was time to make applesauce! A little cinnamon, butter & sugar makes everything right.


          1. Thanks, all! That was what I was hoping to hear. If I were eating an apple plain, I would probably take the time to cut out the soft spots, but I know I"ll never notice them in oatmeal. This will make the morning apple chopping quicker.