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Feb 1, 2010 06:31 AM

Baby Shower for the Boys - Dive Mexican/bbq for a large group?

We are planning a baby shower in Austin and could use some local help --- this is not your usual baby shower, this ones for the boys. Should be all about the food, dive Mexican Austin style. No tablecloths, no ivy, no lace, tulle or jello molds.... just a good solid pick this as your last one rockin taco. 20 people on a Friday night (Juan in a million is not open)... Any good local Chow advice?

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  1. You might want to try El Borrego de Oro on S. Congress. They certainly fit the "dive" category, and I bet the side room can seat that many. The food is some of my favorite Mexican in town. Search the board, and you'll find others who agree.

    1. You might call La Feria on South Lamar and ask if you can reserve a table for 20 out on the porch. It's enclosed and heated. Beware the killer frozen margaritas!

      1. La Reyna on South 1rst. As far as a dive- there are bullet holes in the windows. But the salsa is hot and the food is good.