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Chicken and Waffles in DFW

Does anyone know of any places that serve Chicken and Waffles together in the DFW area? Can't take a trip to Roscoe's in LA right now so I'd like to find some in my own city :)

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  1. AJ's Chicken & Waffles‎ - east side of FW on 820. Would suggest calling before going. I went there a few months ago (for the 1st time) during published hours and they were closed. Haven't made a return visit.

    Chef Point - Watauga - I have tried these and for details, see http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/675626

    Big Chef Chicken N Waffles - SW FW

    Mama's Chicken and Waffles - Dallas, Forrest LN

    1. I highly recommend Big Mama's Chicken and Waffles. It's drive-through only. The chicken, gizzards, and catfish are to die for. The waffles are limp but passable.

      1. Chicken and waffles can be found on the brunch menu at State and Allen Lounge in Uptown and Hattie's in Oak Cliff. They're served for dinner at Victor Tango's, as well.

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          +1 Victor Tango.

          Pretty sure Brooklyns has it at least for Sunday brunch. Good jazz.

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            Just checked out Hattie's menu online, and it has fried chicken, but not chicken & waffles. Does anyone know if they'll make it off-menu?

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              They have it as a special during weekend brunch, it's not listed on the menu.

          2. Yoiu must go to House of Blues for the gospel brunch on Sunday. The music is amazing like the chicken and waffles!

            1. Screen Door had this on the menu last time I was there.

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                Love Screen Door. Shrimp and grits. Good call, foiegras.

                I checked the menu at Brooklyns and they have chicken and waffles, the chicken is spicy. I have had the chicken but not this waffle addition since it is Sunday Brunch item. If you haven't been to this landmark, you simply must go. The cool jazz in the evenings is next to bliss and the food is truly wonderful.


              2. Just remembered Buttons in FW (Hulen & 30) also has this on the menu. Brunch, lunch & dinner (cheapest on the lunch menu ... presumably the portions vary).

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                  They also serve Chicken & Waffles at Into the Glass on Main Street in Grapevine. They are boneless chicken thighs fried up and placed on hot, fluffy waffles. They top is with some type of sauce that can get a bit spicy (but I'm a wimp). DH loves them.

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                    Brunch is Sunday only. I stopped at Buttons on a recent Sat., mid-afternoon and they do not open until 5 p. :(

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                      Buttons Chicken & Waffles is amazing, but it's half a bone-in chicken, so either go starving or share with a friend!

                    2. I have had them at both Victor Tango's and Hatties. Both are good, I mean it is chicken and waffles, it kind of has to be good.
                      The waffles are thicker at Hatties and the syrup comes infused with some red peppers flakes. I am sure you could ask for it without the red pepper flakes but I think it helps give it good flavor.

                      1. Into the Glass (Grapevine) has dark meat chicken and waffles.

                        Into the Glass
                        322 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051

                        1. Just wanted to note I tried this at Buttons--the waffles were pretty good, but I was seriously underwhelmed by the fried chicken.