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Sweet Sixteen Suggestions?

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Does anyone have any suggestions on where 6-8 teenage girls in a limo can go in Boston for a "sweet sixteen" lunch, dinner (or even just appetizers or dessert depending on their mood)? Looking for something that is age appropriate: a little bit grown-up but still fun and different.

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  1. Lunch at Upstairs on the Square would be nice. Or tea at the Bristol Lounge.

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      I like the idea of afternoon tea. The Four Seasons or The Taj. Take the T instead of a limo and let the girls decide where to donate the money saved. (Haiti?)

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        The limo is being donated (and driven) by a relative -- the better to keep them all somewhat contained.

    2. Lunch at the Parrish cafe or desserts at Finale.

      1. Does it have to be Boston proper? Dali in Cambridge would be fun. Or depending on the girls' personalities, they could do tea at the Four Seasons.

        1. 1. Scampo @ Liberty Hotel
          2. Cupcake Tea @ Ritz Carlton

          1. The chocolate brunch at Cafe Fleuri at the Langham Hotel is always a great time for a girls day!

            1. A few ideas: Cuchi Cuchi, The Beehive, Tapeo on a day warm enough to sit on the patio, Sonsie, the Hard Rock Cafe (execrable food, but the kids seem to love it), Rowes Wharf Sea Grill, Top of the Hub (even if the food and the attitude suck), Gaslight, Stella, Eastern Standard, The Bristol, Ginger Park, Teatro, 28 Degrees, Ivy, Les Zygomates.


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                  Which ones don't you like? (I can see how some might be deemed a little pricey.)

                  I guess it depends on the 16-year-old. I started my niece at UpStairs when she was 10, and inveigled her into trying the quail there, which she loved, so by the time 16 rolled around, she was doing Chow crawls in Allston and Chinatown with me.


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                    I guess 16 year olds might as well be 21 year olds these days, but Beehive, Cuchi Cuchi, Sonsie, 28 Degrees and some others seem too old and cocktail oriented. Not saying they shouldn't try new and/or fancy stuff, but 16 is still 5 years under the drinking age and that seems to be the main focus of a bunch of those.

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                      Good point, though maybe when they see all the bad behavior of grownups under the influence it would be a Scared Straight moment for them? "An After-School Special: Cosmo-Fueled PDA Made Me a Teetotaler." Sonsie would still work as a weekend brunch thing: not too booze-drenched.


              1. Wow, so many great ideas for an "in between" age group. I particularly like the Cafe Fleuri idea, but I'm biased as I have gone myself, years ago, and really thought it was a lot of fun, with some elegance thrown in.

                Hard Rock is also a good idea -- as mentioned, food is not the highlight there but location would probably appeal.

                I'm sure the cocktail-oriented locations might stir some interest on the part of the 16-year olds but they will have to just wait a few more years. Thanks, everyone!