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Cold shoulder at Ebenezer's in Lovell, ME

newhavener07 Feb 1, 2010 06:02 AM

So we drove a full hour out of our way on scary black-ice roads the other night to visit Ebenezer's, inspired by the rave reviews on beer sites. Well first of all the dining room was absolutely freezing, as in "wear your coat" freezing. Yes, there was a cold snap and Mainers are hearty, but this was ridiculous. There were also space heaters at some tables and not once did the servers offer to set on up for us. (When we arrived, those tables were occupied.) We practically had to shout to get any service, although the crowd thinned out quite a bit as our meal progressed. The food was subpar, with shriveled mussels in lots of tasteless broth and a fish sandwich that was barely edible. Worst of all, two of our four beers tasted off, as if the lines hadn't been properly rinsed out. We had had so little luck getting service--empty beer glasses sitting for 10 minutes or more--we didn't bother to try to get replacements for the bad beers. Sad that this place seems to have gone quite a bit downhill since its rave reviews of the past, or perhaps it's just coasting in the off season.
Don't risk your life on icy backroads to visit!