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Feb 1, 2010 05:43 AM

San Marzanos

are they really worth the extra$

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  1. I think not. I like Muir Glen or Cento.

    1. America's Test Kitchen did an extensive taste test on various "San Marzano" cans of tomatoes, and compared with top-rated supermarket brands.
      The bottom line; don't waste your money on the SM's.
      I heartily agree.
      Check to see that the tomatoes are packed in tomato juice vs. puree, which is a cooked product (I believe DOP SM's from Italy are packed in puree-it's a tax thing).
      Look for the additional of calcium chloride, which preserved firmness.

      1. Tremendously overrated. Tremendously overpriced. I bought them once, and the sauce I made was just "eh!"

        I like Red Gold best.

        1. I believed what all the previous responders said until. Until I bought a can of San Marzanos at Wegman's. No question about it, the best canned tomatoes I've ever used - and I probably use 3-5 cans a month.

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            What was the brand? Do you know what the tomatoes are packed in?

            1. re: monavano

              It's Wegman's store brand. Ingredients are: San Marzano tomatoes, San Marzano puree, basil leaf. My late sister-in-law was from Rome, Italy and swore that the best tomatoes in the US were Redpack. Too bad she didn't live long enough (or close enough to a Wegman's) to try these!