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Feb 1, 2010 01:18 AM

Valentine's Chocolate Beer by Sapporo

Has anyone tried the new "Sapporo x Royce Chocolat Brewery" seasonal beer that hit stores recently?

Just wondering if it's worth trying.

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  1. It's interesting. Since it contains actual cocoa, it is classified as a "happo-shu" since that's not an official beer ingredient. The chocolate aroma is pronounced, and this carries over into the flavor. There is very little bitterness, and a rather rich body, but sweetness is minimal considering the flavor. Certainly worth the 250 yen price.

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    1. re: Tripeler

      Hi Tripeler,

      Sigh, thanks for the great report. :) Ah, when you can buy a bottle of Sapporo x Royce Chocolat for 250 Yen from a local konbini... :)

      1. re: exilekiss

        Hi Tripeler,

        I thought it was undrinkable. My brief and highly subjective report is up on my blog (Jan 26) but basically I found the 'beer' itself unpalatable and the 'chocolate' too sweet. My advice to the OP: avoid at all costs!

        A small point: it's not the addition of the cocoa as such that makes it happoshu, it's the fact that it doesn't contain enough barley malt (there needs to be a minimum level for it to qualify as a beer). As far as I know, there is no 'official' list of beer ingredients in Japan — over the years since the jibiiru boom began producers have tried adding all kinds of things to their brews to boost their 'local' character. Hatcho Miso Beer anyone?

        I should also add a word of greeting to everyone on this board, as it's my first post under this moniker... Looking forward to interacting with one and all!

        1. re: foodfile

          Just checked, and actually the Hatcho Miso 'beverage' (from Kinshacho in Aichi) is actually a happoshu. Change my original point to: 'Natsu-mikan Beer anyone?'
          BTW here's a link to that blog post I mentioned:

          1. re: foodfile

            It's the cocoa addition that makes it happo-shu in any case, even if the malt was 100% or close to it. This is why the Hatcho-miso beer from Kinshachi is also a happo-shu. Yes, there IS an official list of beer ingredients in Japan, but too bad it contains cornstarch and rice.

            1. re: foodfile

              Thanks for the warning. I probably will end up giving this a miss unless someone agrees to share it with me.

        2. It's worth a try, as a novelty, although I probably wouldn't drink it again. As stated earlier, it's very cocoa-y. Not at all like a chocolate porter or some other chocolate beers I've tried in the States.