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Is there any place that sells Breadfruit (Ulu) in Los Angeles?

I am looking for the actual fruit itself :-)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Did you try 99 Ranch Market?

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      You know what I never really looked for it there. I know I have seen Durian there though.
      Thanks I will try looking.

    2. I'm trying to learn something here - I can't help you with the LA question - but I am wondering if the breadfruit you're talking about is the same as what I've had in Jamaica - it had the taste & consistency of potatoes - is that the same thing??? I think the chef boiled it & then fried it in butter with jerk seasonings.

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          Yes, it's the exact same thing....hmmmm maybe I should locate a Jamacian grocery, they might have some :-) Thanks for the idea!

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            You might also consider the Carson area. Lots of Samoans in that 'hood. I've personally never seen breadfruit at any of the 99 Ranch stores I've visited - I don't think of breadfruit as a popular Chinese/Asian thing except maybe within parts of SE Asia. It's big in Polynesia, Melanesia and the Caribbean.

        2. I was at A Grocery Warehouse on Sunset in Echo Park just last week, and they had Breadfruit as well as their usual, broad selection of very fresh, exotic fruits and veggies....
          BTW: what are you making with it?

          1. You might want to try Hawaii Supermarket in San Gabriel. If they don't have it, no one will ;-)

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              This is the right guess. I've definitely seen it in other Asian markets (try Vietnamese markets), but Hawaii is sort of the be-all and end-all of retail Asian markets in the SGV. :)

            2. In Little India in Artesia, you can find cleaned, cut up and frozen bread fruit (uncooked) in many of the grocery stores.

              1. Per an informal poll of the parents of the Polynesian prep football players whom I coach, these are definite fresh breadfruit (and if you're interested, taro) sources:
                Pacific Island Market in Long Beach (5353 Long Beach Blvd.)
                The Boutique Samoa Market in Anaheim (1217 South Western Ave.)
                Polynesian Market and Catering in Carson (1329 E. Carson St.)
                Polynesian Flava in San Berdoo (980 W. Bloomington)

                Boutique Samoa Market
                1217 S Western Ave, Anaheim, CA