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Jan 31, 2010 10:16 PM

I'm looking for the best lamb in PDX. Tried the following

Loved Sel Gris lamb, Toro Bravo lamb, Serratto's lamb balls, Mint's Cuban lamb burger, Alexis Greek style lamb skewers. I'm searching for a very unusual, interesting lamb dinner for Valentine's Day - open to all suggestions!

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  1. Have you tried any Indian dishes...Rogan Josh for example when made well is a delicious lamb stew-like dish usually made with shanks. Because beef in India is pretty much not an option for obvious reasons, there are lots of great Indian dishes that use lamb or mutton. Have had some pretty great kabobs as well.

    Try East India Co, Bombay Cricket Club or Vindalho. They offer a bit more ambiance than other local places which for a date makes sense.

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      Thank you Befuness! I have tried Indian lamb at most of the Indian restaurants in Portland. My favorite is the Lamb Vindaloo at Namaste in Vancouver - just 20 minutes from PDX!

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        Cafe Voila has lamb on their lunch menu about once every other week. They did a Italian dish with slices of lamb leg which was topped with fresh arugula, shaved parmesan, and then drizzled with olive oil. It was only $7.50!!! You can sign up to get their weekly menu by e-mail at
        or at . The menu changes every day so you need to sign up to plan your week. They also do some indian lamb stew dishes as well.

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          Thanks so much Michelle, I bookmarked them $7.50 is a pretty good price for lamb!

    2. This is a bit late, but the lamb shoulder at del Inti (Peruvian on Alberta & 23rd) is fantastic, as is the rest of the food!

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        Thanks so much - I haven't heard of them, will definitely check it out.

      2. i had dinner at belly timber this week, they had a lamb philly sandwich on the menu which sounded really interesting..

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          Thanks, I love Belly Timber - they have interesting and creative food and the Sunday brunches are awesome!

        2. Also a bit late, but I just thought of Blue Olive on Fremont. It's been a few years since I was there, but I had a roast lamb shoulder (which is still on the menu on their website) that was one of the best specimens of lamb I've ever had. It was this daunting cube of lamb meat probably 3 to 4 inches on a side but tender and -- most importantly -- tasted like lamb!

          Blue Olive
          4627 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR 97213