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Jan 31, 2010 08:55 PM

Recommended Ethiopian Restaurants in SEA?

Seattle is blessed with some great Ethiopian restaurants, but some of my old favorites have not been as good of late as I'd like.

Where are Chowhounds currently going, that would be recommended?

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  1. My two favorites are Meskel and Cafe Soleil. They're very different from each other but each great.

    1. Meskel if you want good atmosphere and aren't planning on ordering the vegetarian platter. If you or someone going is veggie, strongly recommend Dahlak, beautiful veggies, wonderful presentation.

      1. Habesha has both great food and a nice (gasp!) atmosphere. It's at 1809 Minor Ave 98101, sort of near the Greyhound station. I've been there three times or more and it's consistent.

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          Dahlak has the best atmosphere of all. Who doesn't like ex- vietnamese male strip clubs.

          Really though, its hella good.

        2. I used to love Kokeb but it's been years. Haven't tried them since their move.

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            I just visited Altaye for the first time and I highly recommend a visit. Say what you will about the Yelpers, but they have bestowed 50-plus reviews on this place (with an average of nearly 5 stars) while it has otherwise flown mostly under the radar for the three years it has been open (there was a SW blog post from this July). As noted, the freshly made injera really sets this place apart. It has a lightness and sweetness that is just unparalleled by even the board favorite places. I would not say that every vegetable dish was as good as the best rendition you can get variously at Dahlak, Meskel, Ras Dashen, etc., but overall the combination was very good, and each ingredient very fresh tasting. The meat dish was warm and bright. Also, at $12.99 for a vegetable combo and a meat dish, the house special is a remarkable value.


            Ras Dashen Restaurant
            2801 E Cherry St, Seattle, WA

            1. re: equinoise

              Do you mean the injera is sugar-sweet or just less sour or something else? Sweetness in injera sounds very off-putting to me, AFIK, it is fermented/sourdough and should have some tanginess. Thanks.

              1. re: babette feasts

                Still tangy, just less sour than others, which I liked. I understand it is prepared in the traditional manner and fermented.

                1. re: equinoise

                  OK. Sometimes it can be aggressively tangy, so a bit less could be good. I'm just so tired of sugar creeping into seemingly everything these days, ugh.

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                Another vote for Altaye. We tried it a few weeks ago. We had the vegetarian platter and a lamb dish. Njera and all the food was delicious. Service was lovely and welcoming.

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                  I also think Altaye is awesome. I had felt that many of the other Ethiopian restaurants had started to settle into not quite mediocrity, but the food started to become all the same and sort of average. The owners at Altaye are very accommodating and sweet, and the food is really good. Highly recommend the lamb.

              3. See the thread on Injera prices. I noticed that a restaurant I've been going to a lot has been somehow switching to using more white flour, and less teff in its injera, until last time I went it was injera made of all white flour.
                That might be happening to more than one restaurant.

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                1. re: PeteSeattle

                  That's one of my HUGE peeves about going out for Ethiopian. I want TEFF injera--not wheat. I'll try Altaye based on the comments here. Thanks!