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Jan 31, 2010 08:37 PM

Alone in Paris (almost) for two nights. Help please?

Hello.... I am on a little bit of a last minute business trip and realized that I will be in the Paris area for a couple of nighs this week. I am actually staying near CDG airport in the town of Roissy. Right now it looks like I will have two colleagues with me the first night and then I will be solo the second night.

Can someone please give some recommendations on good/fun places in Paris that are accessible from Roissy? Or in Roissy itself?

I have been in Paris before, but can't say that I know the town. I have eaten at some of the pretty high end places like L'Arpege, Pre Catalan, Le Cinq, Taillevant, etc... but really don't have a lot of experience with the bistros which is probably more of what I am looking for this week. However, the night that I am by myself, I will be open for literally anything.

Thanks for everyone's help!

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  1. The RER takes you straight to Gare du Nord (Chez Michel, Pétrelle, Mme Shawn, the wine bards by the Canal Saint Martin), to Les Halles (Chez Denise, Adrienne Chez la Vieille, Claude Colliot, even l'Ami Louis), Saint-Michel (Fish, les Bouquinistes, La Rotisserie du Beaujolais, l'AOC, Le Pré Verre...), Luxembourg (les Papilles, Christian Constant the chocolatier), Port-Royal (Le Petit Marguery)...

    Outside of rush hours, the Air France bus is an even better idea, taking you straight to Etoile, or Montparnasse, or Invalides.

    And then maybe the village of Roissy has nice things to offer.

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      One slight caution, the RER goes through some of the less salubrious areas of Paris and thus care is needed at night.

      The Air France bus is safer and as Soup says quick in the evening, the last one back from Montparnasse is 21:30 (€27 rtn) and the last one back from Etoille is 23:00 (€24 rtn). Both areas give you some good options, Montparnasse is close to the Saint-Michel/Luxenbourg places Soup recommends but the bus leaves early. Etoille has fewer good places close but is very easy to get a metro to and from which gives some good options.

      There was also a recent thread were the Roissy town hall was pushing their little town, there could be some gems there, your hotel may be the best to advise and a walk around the centre of town should help you spot them. It is a good opportunity to try them and report back.

    2. Weather permitting, my suggestion would be to take the RER in, and then a taxi back to Roissy after dinner. Some place like Fish for the night with your colleagues; it's near the Saint-Michel RER B stop. Or a wine bar like Juveniles? Have your colleagues been to Paris before?

      Then for the night on your own, please give more guidance. For a night on your own in Paris, budget, style? Rustic, modern, people-watching, is there anything higher on your preferences? Do you speak french?

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      1. re: souvenir

        Thank you for the guidance. Actually, I am VERY adventurous from a food perspective and a wine collector, so have a very open mind. People watching or someplace good for a solo diner would be great. High end is OK with me. Budget can be pretty high... say, up to 200 Euro for dinner just for me? Certainly does not have to be that expensive. Just want it to be good and fun.

        Thanks again for your help.

        1. re: woojink

          Souphie gave you a great list above, and there have been a couple detailed recent review threads which can give you a sense of how they'd match your preferences. The tough part may be getting a last minute reservation; hopefully your concierge can help with this.

          Given what you've described so far, and if I were in a similar situation, two other options immediately come to mind: L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon (with the nearby Cave de JR to check out) and Il Vino d'Enrico Bernardo, And this reminds me that another option, less adventurous but can be lively, would be Willi's Wine Bar where eating at the bar is always an option if you were not able to reserve a table.

          Hope you have a great time whatever you decide.

      2. I have only driven through Roissy town but I liked what I saw and a recent thread was written by a clearly clever/intelligent promoteur of the place; at

        I'd love it if you'd try one or more places there.

        However, this forum and comments above and below, contain lots of good advice about placs in town (and it is only 35-45 minutes by RER).

        John Talbott