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Jan 31, 2010 06:03 PM

need greasy breakfast diner for st. louis--stayin a reniassance st. louis

anywhere within walking distance?

thank you,

mike c

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  1. If you are staying at the downtown Renaissance, the closest diner I know of would be the Eat Rite Diner, at 622 Chouteau, which is a little over a mile away.

    1. At the corner of 18th and Olive (1801 Olive Street) is The White Knight - a 1920's hygenic prefab restaurant. It inspried a book which inspired a movie with Susan Sarandon. Only open Mon-Fri. I have taken out-of-towners here and they really liked it.

      To quote a review: "The White Knight is everything you expect of a Mom and Pop geasy spoon diner." It is 8/10ths of a mile from your hotel.

      1. I don't think you can find any place more qualified to be called a greasy spoon than the Eat Rite Diner. And if you want to combine it with a St. Louis greasy spoon tradition then you have to order the slinger. The slinger has soaked up almost as much alcohol in St. Louis as White Castle sliders.

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          thank you for the posts everybody. we made it to the eat rite. it was an amazing experience.
          my brother in law got the slinger. we had breakfast, pie, slinger, and we ordered 6 burgers for some greasy spoon "tapas" the eat rite was a highlight of our trip. what a cool place. like an oasis by itself in the middle of nowhere. food was great! thank you.

        2. I just came across this by accident and I have to say that the Eat Rite is a very, VERY worth place to enjoy. I went there last year with my father in law, and it was fun...not the best slinger I'd ever had...but still a great place.