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Jan 31, 2010 05:15 PM

Drinks for 30-somethings before/after 62 on Wharf?

Best friend & BF visiting from out of state and Salem is on their list of places to see...We have reservations at 62 on Wharf for Valentine's Day and a sitter in place ( whoo hoo!). Looking for someplace "cool" but where we can also hear one another talk...also, never been to 62 on Wharf --are there particular areas in which we should request to be seated (views or anything)? Thanks!

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  1. Strega has nice drinks and good bar.

    1. 62 is terrific, and they have a nice little bar there, too. The dining room is small, and the view is of the parking lot and storefronts, so I wouldn't worry about table location.

      I think it depends on what sort of atmosphere you want for a bar. The Old Spot has a warm pub feel, Strega is more clubby, the Tavern in the Hawthorne Hotel has an old-style hotel feel with an open fireplace, and the Tavern on the Square is a giant sports type bar. Finz, just across from 62, has a nice lounge-y bar area, and the other Pickering Wharf establishments, Capt's and Vic's Boathouse (at Victoria Station) are casual places with waterfront views. Murphy's tends to draw a younger crowd, with loud music and dancing. The Gulu Gulu Cafe has a laid-back coffee house atmosphere that appeals to all ages and an exceptional imported beer list.

      In Beverly, the next town over, Mandrake has a terrific bar, Soma has a fun/young vibe (but can get loud on the weekends) and the bar at Tryst is lauded for their excellent bartender.

      Hope this helps. I'd love to hear where you end up going, and how you like 62!

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        yes! i would def recco Tryst as Sean (the BarTender that you speak of) is trying to get a Craft Cocktail thing going there.