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Jan 31, 2010 05:03 PM

Newish culinary/cooking retreat w/ lodging in Kuala Lumpur

Visitors to KL interested in taking a cooking class might consider Bayan Indah, a 'culinary retreat' about half an hour from downtown.

Many locals are familiar with Rohani Jelani, the longtime writer/recipe tester/cooking teacher who runs the classes and owns the retreat, but not so many foreign visitors are, and Rohani is not actively advertising -- so I thought I'd post it here.

Accoms are stylish and comfortable; you can book a class (or not) and also ask that dinner be prepared for you. If I were passing through KL I'd find this a great place to relax and unwind after a couple days in the city.

Also, food/travel photography classes might be offered here in the future.

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  1. I just caught your post and had to sign up to reply to you!

    We were at Bayan Indah in Feb 2010, following a whimsical recommendation from a friend about how to spend an unusual last day in Kuala Lumpur. If anything, Bayan Indah is even better than we had dared to expect, and has turned out to be the highlight of our holiday in Malaysia. Everything was wonderful, Rohani, her staff, the wonderful food, the excellent cooking class, and also the gorgeous rooms in the beautiful house. They are just so nice and completely different from what I had expected from a Malaysian home. All day free home-baked cookies was also a nice touch!

    It felt like we were staying as long-lost welcome relatives and I wish it was more advertised abroad so that we had known about it earlier, instead of on our last night. The local Malaysians are definitely keeping too much of a good thing to themselves!

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      Darn right there. Best fun we had in years. And we'll be back.

      Thanks for the heads up emmas.

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        Hello, I'm a Malaysian and based on my observation and attending cooking classes in Kuala Lumpur, non cooking classes can beat those in Bayan Indah. Rohani impart lots of tips that are not written in recipes and she totally understand how to handle foreigners by introducing the basic Malaysian ingredients. She usually skips this for classes that have mainly locals. So she actually tailor the class according to the participants.

        BTW, she has converted her home into a comfortable home style resort so you can stay here and attend classes. Just contact her and she can even arrange transportation for you.

        I've blogged about my experience here

        And I'm attending my next class with her this coming July 31!

        1. re: babe_kl

          Sounds like a lovely all-in-one holiday destination. I need to check this out!