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Jan 31, 2010 04:49 PM

Recommendations for a dinner spot near Van Wezel Performing Arts Center

we are going to a jazz concert this thursday, and need a convenient restaurant near van wezel hall......not familiar with spots nearby, so why not ask here for some choices......not looking for gourmet dining this trip, though we're flexible, just a place to enjoy.....noticed support for patrick's (hamburgers) and bologna cafe.....thanx in advance.....

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  1. North of Van Wezel, just past the airport is a little seafood restaurant called Capt. Brian's. They serve fresh seafood every day, either locally caught or flown in daily. It is relatively inexpensive compared to many seafood restaurants in the area. About $15-22 per person. Includes a small, fresh salad bar, starch choice, steamed veggies and bread. They have a full bar as well. It is where the locals eat fresh seafood. The grilled sea bass is to die for ~ like butter! I've had many items on their menu, grilled and fried. There are also choices for non-fish eaters such as steaks, chicken, burgers, salads. I've never had a bad meal there.

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      they don't have A full bar unless it's in the last month

    2. Zak's Steak House is very close by and so is Selva Grill on Main St. Also on Main St besides Patrick's is Divino for italian, Main St Oyster Bar, and El Greco for great greek salads and greek Pizza.

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        I wouldn't go to Zaks if my meal was paid for!! He is a very nasty man, and I have nine friends that were with me that second that thought! Plus he lies! Needless to say I have had issues with him, and so did one of the reviewers who just took the restaurant off his list as the little nasty man was going to sue him!! Love Selva grill!
        I do like Capt. Brians, but it is quite a distance from VW.

      2. Michael's on East has a buffet dinner that they serve right at the Van Wezel. I've never done it but it couldn't be more convenient.

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          thanx for all the recs......we wound up at selva grill with friends - stylish dining in a stylish setting - very tasty and seasoned dishes......
          oh, and btw, the concert was fantastic - diane schuur and bobby caldwell, two jazz giants singing together on the same stage - priceless!