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Jan 31, 2010 04:02 PM

Birthday Dinner

So, the birthday is coming up. I'm being asked to pick a restaurant. I was trying to find a good place that we could celebrate, be a bit loud, and not spend all our money. I thought Neighborhood Services wouldn't be bad. I looked up the site, and I saw they don't take parties over 6. I might have more then that coming. Plus, no reservations might get tricky.

I tried to think of other places, and my brain is just not working.

What I'm looking for:
Good food
Centrally located
Not too pricey ($30 at most for an entree)
Good wine list
Would put up with our noise
Not too ethinic (I have some picky friends)

Any ideas?

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  1. Take over Urbano Cafe and bring your own wine. I like the mushroom risotto, but there are several wonderful things on the menu and daily specials. If the group is large enough you can take over the small place with a simple call.

    Pretty funky and different. The location is wedged between Jimmy's and Spicemans FM 1410. BTW, Spicemans is an awesome place for fresh and unusual produce. Not talked about often, I love what Tom does and the HUGE variety of mushrooms. Mmm lobster mushrooms.