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Jan 31, 2010 03:53 PM

Where to find fresh rice noodles?

Does anyone know where to find fresh rice noodles (the kind used for chow fun) in the Baltimore area? I've checked the Lotte Mart and the H Mart on Route 40, and the Q Mart in Germantown, but all I can find are the dried ones that just aren't the same.

Somewhere in Baltimore/Howard/Montgomery/Carroll/Frederick/northern Anne Arundel counties would be great, but I might be persuaded to go to DC/NoVa if it were the only option....


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  1. Korean markets are not likely to carry rice noodle sheets. You will need to go to a Chinese grocery like Kam Sam or Maxim in Rockville. They are in the refrigerated section and are sold in a pack of flat sheets. You cut them to your needs for cooking.

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      Thanks -- I've been looking for a good Chinese grocery, so I'll stop by the next time I'm in the area.

    2. Hung Phat Grocery on Fern St. in Wheaton (Mont. Co.) makes and sells rice noodles.

      1. You can get them in Towson at a little Chinese grocery called "Towson Oriental Market." They typically only have them a few times a week, when they get a delivery from their supplier in Philadelphia (Usually Thursdays or Fridays). It's located in the back of a little shopping center at the intersection of Loch Raven Boulevard and Joan Avenue (there's a 7-11 there). They also have a great selection of Chinese veggies.

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          Thanks -- I wasn't able to find any at Kam San or Maxim when I was in the area on Thursday, but I'll try Hung Phat and the Towson market once I dig out from the Snowpocalypse...