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Jan 31, 2010 03:46 PM

Going to Nashville in help

My wife and daughter and I are going to N'ville for a weekend in March. My wife is a vegetarian and my daughter leans that way. I however, am a carnivore. Can you all please help with all 3 meals? We ate at Noshvegas for breakfast a few years ago and really liked it. Other than that we are a tabla rasa.

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  1. Hi Chris. There are a couple of places I'd like to recommend: MIEL, being the top choice. It's a high-end, organic French restaurant that specializes in local produce and meats. Delicious! They offer vegetarian selections as well as carnivore. Excellent food, but make reservations. Check out their website:

    I'd also suggest an out-of-the-way place for breakfast/brunch: The Pfunky Griddle, a make-your-own pancakes place in the Berry Hill section of Nashville. The griddle is in the middle of your table. You full instructions and two kinds of batter, both organic: 5 Grain and Unbleached White. This comes with honey and homemade syrup. Real butter, if you ask nicely. You also get one topper a piece, including blueberries, strawberries, M&Ms, etc. This is an all-you-can-eat joint, but believe me, one order is all you can eat: Enjoy.

    1. I would also reccomend Miel - the chef there used to cook for a vegan - so his vegetables are excellent and thoughtful. If you make a reservation tell them up front that you have two veg and one carnivore and I think they'll take care of you.
      Ditto with Flyte - we have a veg friend we took there (with her carnivore husband) and she was thrilled with her meal.
      I think you would do ok at City House, too, as the chef there does great meat but your wife and daughter can both eat nice pizzas and pastas that will be free of pig (or other meat).

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        I have to second the City House reco...most memorable meal I've had thus far in 2010 and someplace I will be back to next chance I get. Waiter (Chris? Kris?) was fantastic. Friendly, attentive and great at helping us narrow down a lot of appetizing options. Set-up in a renovated old home is charming and the farm-fresh ingredients/handmade pasta won me over quickly.

        Another veggie-friendly favorite is the Calypso Cafe on Elston. Totally unassuming strip mall location near Vanderbilt's campus with amazing salads, homemade dressings and just a great value for the flavor.