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Jan 31, 2010 03:31 PM

D'Raymonds (Loudonville) . . .at last

We went to D'Raymonds after an event in Albany. It was my first time there. We didn't have reservations and after a 30 minute wait we were seated. Service was excellent. The atmosphere is old world Italian. D'Raymonds specialty is veal and an entire page of the menu is dedicated to veal dishes.

We started with an appetizer special - rigatoni stuffed with ricotta, accompanied with hot peppers and topped with mozzarella. Delicious. Enough for four as an app but the two of us devoured it all.

I had the fettucini Alla Roma - ribbon noodles tossed with porcini mushrooms, sweet peas, grated Romano cheese, sweet butter, cream, strips of grilled chicken. Delicious. A huge portion with lots leftover.

SO had a special - the blackened catfish with spicy red sauce and capers.

We also had espresso and dessert (spumoni and ?). We were the last ones there. . .D'Raymonds at last.

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  1. For those of us in the area, a secret hidden treat. Next time try the veal chop. Will blow your mind

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      FDR doesn't eat meat which is why I thought his/her review of a veal-centric resto was a little weird.

      1. re: gerchak198

        . . . and it was a Friday so SO didn't order veal :)

        PS Now I definitely feel Chianti is overrated. Just doesn't compare with D'Raymonds or Italian food in Schenectady (Ferrari's is my current favorite).

    2. Going back in a few weeks. Probably on a Friday again so SO won't order veal. He's had meh veal dishes twice recently . . .

      At least we'll get some good Italian food without going to Schenectady or Troy.