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Canned herring favorites?

I like smoked herring in the tins. Currently I'm eating Trader Joe's in the green tin.

What are your favorite brands?

What do you do with them besides eating them plain?

I'm less fond of sardines...what's your opinion on which is better?

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  1. Scuzzo, I love smoked kippers (I assume this is the same that you speak of)...my favorite right now is SEASON or KING OSCAR (no Trader Joe's here in SWFL)...Brunswick is waaayy too salty...but I also *love* sardines which give even more of the Omega 3's...and canned salmon gives the MOST Omega-3's...I am working on loving the canned salmon and last time I made salmon salad (last week) I really liked it...so I'm getting better at the canned salmon. My dad always loved the smoked kippers and that's who I learned about them from, in our limited pantry, we always had "Kipper Snacks", that's what he ate...I just eat them out of the can, plain and simple. The sardines in olive oil, I do like them with some dijon mustard. In case anyone is interested, here's the info' on Omega-3's and canned fish but I don't see the kippers...oh well...


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      Yes, Kipper Snacks are the same thing! For some reason I have a hard time with canned salmon. I hate the vertebrae.

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        Pack your vertebrae up and send them to me... okay, that would be impractical. I've loved the canned-salmon bones since I was a kid, and that's been an awfully long time. However, for them as don't, just get in there with your fingers and pick'em out, along with the skin (which I'm assuming you don't like either). Discard (outside!!) or give it all to the cat or dog. Make your salad with what remains. It's actually very easy, as these things are not randomly distributed in the can, but are in their normal positions relative to the rest of the fish.

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          Will, I am with you 100% on the canned salmon bones..........that is my favorite part!
          I would love a can with 1/4 bones (or more). Those crunchy tidbits are yummy to my palate, and satisfy my "chew-bite".

    2. They go pretty well with scrambled eggs and capers.

      1. Herring I usually buy in Lidl and the brand varies. I eat simply with a leaf salad.

        Tinned sardines have always been my invalid food, ever since I was a child. Dusted with flour and quickly fried. Or, even better, mashed with lots of pepper and malt vinegar as a sandwich filling.

        1. Psst, Scuzzo, don't tell nobody but sardines are small herring. There is a cannery up the road and small herring are sardines and larger herring are, well, herring.
          I do eat a lot of both. We "splurge" w/ Roland's herring in wine sauce or kippered. We serve them w/ boiled potatoes and a cucumber, red onion & sour cream salad a la Northern Eurpoe.

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              Psst, Passadumkeg, don't tell anyone, but sardines are from the same family of fish as herring, but they are not small herring.
              Sardines are young pilchards (under 6" are called sardines, over 6" are called pilchards).

            2. the only time I use them is in a smoked fish chowder.

              1. My present favorite brand of canned herring is Polar, which is from Germany.
                3 kinds, Kipper Snacks, Herrings in hot tomato sauce (not very hot so I add hot sauce to it
                ), and Herrings in Mustard Sauce.
                Now becoming harder to find, as the store chain I get them from is switching brands to Crown Prince kippers, which do not taste very good to me. Same goes for another common brand most stores carry, called Brunswick.
                I used to get another brand in mustard sauce 4 or so years ago, but can't find those anyplace now.
                I like to snack on them straight from the can, and normally sip the juice or sauce.
                My sister bought me some Sardines in Mustard sauce, but I gave them away after trying one can. I simply don't like Sardines, due mainly to a school year of mostly Sardine Sandwiches for lunch.
                But good herring rules, when you can find it.
                Hate to buy a brand and find they taste terrible (to me anyway).
                No Trader Joes around my part of Texas....
                I should add that I also like most canned tuna, preferably oil pack, and canned Salmon made into patties and fried...

                1. Roland Smoked Herring Fillets in the 7 oz. tins.

                  1. The Polar kipper snacks are my favorite. I discovered them in a local grocery store. Their stock ran low, so I ordered them by the box from Amazon.com.

                    I think smoked kipper snacks are better than smoked sardines too.

                    I keep it pretty simple when I eat them. Either I'll add them to grits during my breakfast meal or will eat them with bread, honey mustard and red onions.