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Jan 31, 2010 03:05 PM

Place for after work drinks that has intersting non-alcholic choices [Dayton, OH]

I may be in fantasy land here...

are there any immediate Dayton places to hang out after work that have some interesting beverage choices in addition to the standard beer, wine, liquor?

Not mocktails,

but interesting iced teas (with unique flavorings), bubble teas, thai iced teas, italian sodas, Agua Fresca, lassi, etc?

I'd love to find a place where I can hang out with friends, for after work socializing, that doesn't limit the non-alcohol drinkers to Pepsi/coffee drinks.

Not looking for a meal, just drinks and maybe appetizers or tapas or something.

Thanks again you folks are lifesavers!

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  1. Just a friendly reminder - please remember to include the location (in this case, Dayton Ohio) in your title when creating a topic. Thanks!

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      1. If you're looking for tapas, it's El Meson in West Carrolton. Not sure about the interesting non-alcoholic drinks, though.

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        1. re: Fibber McGee

          El Meson is the March splurge, cannot wait to get a proper job so I can afford eating in Dayton!

        2. When you ask about after work drinks, what part of the Dayton area do you work in?

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          1. re: jackrugby

            not employed, so anywhere around is fine... wanting to find a place or two where a diverse group can hang out in the eve and have a little something for everyone, and not just for those that drink alcohol. Thanks much!

          2. I was flipping through the Yellowbook Yellow pages menu section and found Pearl Bay in Fairborn. They have bubble tea.