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Jan 31, 2010 02:29 PM

Deflating cupcakes

My cupcakes are rising beautifully in the oven, but once I take them out to cool, theyre deflating. What's wrong?

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  1. It sounds like that they lack sufficient structure to stand by themselves when the air cools.

    1. What leavening do they contain?

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          What is the recipe, and method? Are you using cake flour?

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            It's important to have little time pass between when the wet and dry ingredients get mixed (which is when the leavening gets activated) and when they go into the oven.

        2. Did they cook long enough?

          1. If the cupcakes rose during baking then fell (alot) while cooling, perhaps you mismeasured the flour. Lack of structure would cause this problem, as in the case of flourless chocolate tortes, which collapse significantly. Or, did you check for doneness? Underdone cakes will collapse. The fact that they rose tells me your leavening agent(s) were fine.
            There is a very slight falling of cakes and cupcakes when done, more of a slight shrinking, but it's almost negligible; if it's dramatic, then you have a problem.

            1. Are you overfilling the pans? If the recipe says to fill 2/3 or 3/4 and you fill the pan higher, there is nothing for the batter to grip onto as it is rising in the pan. Some cupcakes are designed to raise above the pan. You need to find a recipe that specifies filling the pan all the way to the top if you want a high, domed cupcake.