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Best dinner and entertainment in LA

Does anyone know of any great places to go to LA?

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  1. Vibrato at the Glen up in Bel Air.

    Vibrato Grill & Jazz
    2930 Beverly Glen Circle, Bel Air, CA 90077

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      Vibrato was going to be my rec as well..

      In case you want to eat Moroccan and watch Belly Dancing, try Dar Maghreb.

    2. tokyo delves - valley

      la fonda - wilshire near downtown

      casa sanchez - westside/culver city

      1. Does it have to be a combination of dinner AND entertainment? You're better off going to dinner at one place and finding entertainment elsewhere.

        While the food at the Magic Castle is really mediocre, the entertainment (up close magic) is very entertaining.

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          The magic is great but guests are required to buy dinner. I guess that's one way to sustain a food and beverage operation, the other being to have great food such that people would actually want to eat there.

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            The Castle has changed it's policy. I went as a guest (just with a member, not part of a larger group) and did not have to purchase dinner.

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              I didn't know. Their website still says that you must purchase dinner. I'm very glad they changed.

        2. Medieval Times? Ok, just kidding on that one.

          How about Gold Class Cinema in Pasadena? Movie and dinner (and I mean "real dinner").

          Here's Gold Class Cinema's Pasadena menu: http://www.goldclasscinemas.com/uploa...

          1. Just a friendly reminder, Folks. The focus of this forum is finding great food and drink, posts that do not discuss food and drink will be removed.

            1. The food at Catalina's is pretty mediocre, but the jazz is tops. The food at Red White & Blouezz is very good and the jazz and other music varies considerably.

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                Agree on Catalina -- great room and great music. Eat at one of the Mozzas and then drive about 3 minutes to Catalina and have an after dinner drink during the show. Best of both worlds.

              2. Perhaps to La Luna Negra in Pasadena for Spanish tapas. They have live entertainment on some evenings.

                1. This is always what I'm looking for; here's my list. The Dresden, food and music are the ha-ha! kind of entertaining. Columbo's Steak House in Eagle Rock, there is a jazz duo and sometimes other entertainment in the evenings. Over the years The Red Lion in Silverlake has had music, the days of Helmut on the accordion are sadly gone. I do go to La Luna Negra, the Flamenco guitar and dancers are much better than the food although you can't go wrong with a drink and tortilla. There's a similar Spanish place on Ventura that has Flamenco dancing on Tues nights, it seems like the food is better there. Leo's Sports Bar in La Cresenta on Honolulu has a surisingly good menu and has a guy who's good with the guitar on the week-end (although Friday is karaoke). They also had Moose Drool on tap last time I went, what'snot to like? Cafe 322 in Sierra Madre has ok Italian food and live music. Papadakis used to be the best in San Pedro, that was a complete evening.
                  I'd like to find good food with just some guy playing the hell our of an acoustic guitar, the Eagle Rock Fri farmer's market would be perfect for this if they only had a liquor license.

                  Cafe 322
                  322 W Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

                  La Luna Negra
                  44 W Green St, Pasadena, CA 91105

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                    D'Cache in Toluca Lake also has live music and Spanish dancing (Flamenca).

                    10717 Riversde Drive, Toluca Lake, CA 91602

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                      What is the Spanish place on Venture called? Sounds great.

                    2. Papa Cristo's every Thursday night Big Fat Greek Dinner is a giant party with belly dancing and all. Only $25 per person for family style meal and it includes tip. Really Fun. Reservations are a must.

                      Papa Cristos
                      2771 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006

                      1. Angel's in Santa Monica, next door to The Wilshire. The chef from the old Authentic Cafe (remember how great that place was?) and live jazz (different every night). Fantastic food, fantastic jazz. Menu is interesting, I've tried most everything, never been disappointed. Some things there, I actually crave, like the "CHICKEN SCHNITZEL, FRISEE, MARKET APPLES, SHAFT BLUE CHEESE & APPLE VINAIGRETTE" - sorry, caps are theirs.