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Jan 31, 2010 02:01 PM

Top Salads in Brooklyn

I had an amazing beet & endive salad w/ pumpernickel croutons w/ a wonderfully creamy dressing at Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar this weekend (It was so good I can't stop thinking about it) and I've started thinking about my favorite salads in Brooklyn.

I came up with:

Stone Park Cafe: The Frisée Salad with shiitake mushrooms, lardons, Yukon Gold potatoes, & a crispy poached egg (i love the egg)

Frankie's 457: The Fennel, Celery Root, Parsley, Red Onion, Lemon & Pecorino salad (I could eat pounds of this - it's so refreshing).

Little Dishes/Little D (closed): Iceberg wedge salad w/ bacon and Vermont Cheddar crumbles and a buttermilk dressing.

The Vanderbilt: The Hamachi Crudo (which is awesome itself) comes with this garnish salad of baby greens and thinly sliced radishes and some kind of awesome vinaigrette. I loved it so much we got a second order! I wish this a regular sized salad...

La Canaille: Warm Lentil Salad (the original one w/ the lardons) - the new one is not so hot. They also used to have an amazing plain green salad when they first opened. It was a huge bowl of greens with a very vinegar-heavy vinaigrette...holy yum.

Anyone else have a top five salads in Brooklyn list?

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  1. The grilled kale & endive salad at Buttermilk Channel is really, really good. (that's 1 anyway)

    1. Endive and roquefort @ Quercy, and the remoulade dressing is wonderful.