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Jan 31, 2010 01:08 PM

Recommendations for lunch and dinner in Charleston, SC

My husband and I are going to Charleston for the second time and are looking for a few good places for lunch and dinner. We went last year and had a really good dinner at Fig and another one at Hank's. We were going to go to SNOB but our plans changed.

We are thinking about trying Cypress and not sure about Cru Cafe. Would you suggest lunch or dinner? We would like a couple of really nice dinners and then a couple of relaxed, dinners (and easier on the wallet). As far as lunch goes, I heard that Hominy Grill is good. Any thoughts on that or other suggestions? Thanks for your help!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Lots of good information in this thread:

      Perhaps after you've reviewed that link you could be more specific about what it is that you're looking for?

    2. There are a ton of great options but since you missed SNOB last time, make sure to get there this time for lunch or dinner. It should be in everyone's regular rotation when in town.

      1. I love Mcgrady's and Pennisula Grill for special nights. Virginia's on King is fun casual. Carolina's has a great happy hour menu at the bar with $5 wines and foods in nice atmosphere.Magnolia's does a great lunch.Enjoy Charleston and order seafood when possible!

        1. Hominy Grill is great at any time of day. Try the okra beignets .If it's nice sit out on the patio. It has a parking lot if you don't care to walk.

          Cru Cafe is nice for lunch. Sit inside if the aroma of horses bothers you-it's just across from the Carriage headquarters. I always sit at the bar by the kitchenand watch the staff do their thing.

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            Thank you very much for your help! We have decided to have dinner at SNOB and CYpress and try Hominy Grill and Cru Cafe for lunch. We may stop to check out Virginia's as well. I have read come good things. We may try for a brunch somewhere as well!

            Thank you again for your help!

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              Please report back and tell us about it!