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Jan 31, 2010 01:06 PM

Denver Philly Cheese Steaks?

After 9 years away, we are looking for honest Philly cheses steaks in the south Denver metro area. Anyone have recs?

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  1. I don't know if it's completely authentic, but we always enjoys Pat's. (Not related to the Pat's in Philly) It on Arapahoe off I-25 across the street from Target. There is also another Pats downtown which I think is better.

    1. Denver Ted's on Pearl and 13th is the best I've found in Denver. Closed on Sundays. they do it pretty well.

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      1. re: stybeaujolais

        a quick 2nd hand 2nd of Ted's. I have a foodie friend that I trust and he says it's the best he's had by a long shot in Denver. He says thusly:

        xxxxx: YES!
        on Pearl / 13th
        must get it to go. has to steep in the paper for at least15 min. Get prov whiz.
        Ted is like, a genius eh?

        with carefully researched data like that- how you gonna go wrong?

      2. If you want to drive to the Springs, try Trevelli's they are on Nevada just south of Fillmore on the east side of the street next to a bar. The best I've had.

        1. followup - I coincidentally had a 'steak" at Weiss Guys cheesestakes on University near Dry Creek in Littleton for lunch today. It was good to very good although the bread is problematic. It tasted stale. I had a "Paulie"- beef, onions, green peppers, mushrooms with provolone. Worth a try for sure.

          1. We just found "A Taste of Philly" on County Line Rd and University. Top notch, including the roll from Amorosa? in Philly. Had the Original but added banana pepers. MMMMMM.

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              Taste of Philly is a chain, but has the most authentic Philly steak I have had since leaving Philadelphia 20 years ago. Regrettably, the one in downtown Boulder closed a while back. Of course, my arteries are not regretting its closure.