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Self cleaning oven: racks in or out?

Do you take your racks out of the oven during self clean?

My manual (Bosch) says if I leave them in they will no longer be shiny. But I roast a lot, so they are already browned and scrubbing doesn't really clean them up much. Is there any harm to leaving them in other than aesthetics? Would they actually get cleaner that way?

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  1. I've always left them in. Now they're dark -- but they're clean.

    1. They will not slide as nice afterwards. I have foind the best thing is stick thme in a garbage bag overnight, sealed with a small dish of ammonia, they clean up beautifully after that.

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        Will this work for cleaning an old iron skillet?

      2. I used to take them out because the manual says to, but I hate the dark, baked on crud that's so hard to take off, so I leave them in now and they're cleaner. I'm sure the finish will wear with time, but as long as it's not rusted, I'm fine with it. So far, no harm done over a few cleaning cycles of 4 hours apiece.

          1. I like shiny racks so I always take them out and clean them manually with SOS pads...it's a pain but I don't like what they look like after the self clean cycle.

            1. I leave them in -- sometimes won't slide as easily, but a little dab of cooking oil on a piece of paper towel wiped along the contact edges of the rack takes care of that.

              When we first got a self-cleaning oven we took the racks out and cleaned them by hand, then realized that Martha Stewart wasn't showing up to inspect our kitchen, so that was the last time.

              1. Take them out. They will get very discolored if you leave them in, and they may warp.

                1. Up to you. If you leave them in them, then they will be baked out and remove excess baked on fat on the rack, but they will also get dull and become more less smooth to slide in and out. If you have shiny racks, definitely take them out. If you can have racks which have tons of baked on junks, then it is not a bad idea to leave them in. Your choice.

                  1. We have a brand-new range sitting in the middle of the floor waiting to be installed. I'm the manual reader in this family and it very specifically says it's fine to leave them in. Yes, they'll discolor and, yes, they'll be harder to slide. But they get beautifully clean and that's what I like. I'll confess that occasionally I'll take the grates off the gas grill on the deck and run them through the self-clean cycle also. I've been doing that for five years and both the oven and the grill grates are fine.

                    1. As pretty much everyone has said, you won't "harm" the racks by leaving them in, but they will darken and be harder to slide. BUT!! If you have the easy glide type racks with a ball bearing roller system TAKE THEM OUT! You will absolutely ruin the roller system and they are rather expensive racks to replace.

                      1. Thanks for all your advice! I think I will leave them out (for now).

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                          I have read all the replies and one thing is missing: Read your owners manual as ovens vary on this topic. Some (mine) use a teflon coating for easy sliding and the coating will burn off. I am going to try the suggestion at this link: http://www.choosingvoluntarysimplicit... , which is soaking in bathtub overnight in "hot" water and laundry detergent. Will update post with our own results.

                        2. The last time I ran the clean cycle on my oven I also put in the stainless steel racks from my big Weber grill and they came out perfectly clean (though not quite as shiny) as well.

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                            I cook three meals a day. I bought the stove to use, not to ogle at, The self-clean cycle works very well leaving just a bit of white ash in the bottom, even when I add the grills from my big Weber. No ball bearings though.

                          2. I take the racks out, and then put them in two garbage bags, doubled. I pour in some ammonia, seal the bags and then put the sealed bags in my laundry tub which is half-filled with hot water. I soak overnight and then scrub with a nylon pad or Brillo-type pad (crud releases very easily). Be careful when you open the bag as the fumes are horrendous. While the racks clean easily, you will
                            then have to clean the laundry tub since it will be greasy. MORE IMPORTANT: Several salespeople at our super-reputable appliance store have advised that the self-cleaning mode destroys your oven over time. Any ideas on how best to clean w/o using that wonderful convenience feature? I roast a lot and would really love some advice.

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                              Hi mcdcook,

                              <Any ideas on how best to clean w/o using that wonderful convenience feature?>

                              Oven cleaner. Buy the Fume Free Easy Off (blue cap). Let it work overnight. It really does work.

                            2. Up to you, but pick one and stick to it -- I STRONGLY advise that you not take them out when hot and set them down on the vinyl floor. For some reason, I did this...

                              1. I have always used Carbona on my racks and it works great.