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Self cleaning oven: racks in or out?

Do you take your racks out of the oven during self clean?

My manual (Bosch) says if I leave them in they will no longer be shiny. But I roast a lot, so they are already browned and scrubbing doesn't really clean them up much. Is there any harm to leaving them in other than aesthetics? Would they actually get cleaner that way?

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  1. I've always left them in. Now they're dark -- but they're clean.

    1. They will not slide as nice afterwards. I have foind the best thing is stick thme in a garbage bag overnight, sealed with a small dish of ammonia, they clean up beautifully after that.

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        Will this work for cleaning an old iron skillet?

      2. I used to take them out because the manual says to, but I hate the dark, baked on crud that's so hard to take off, so I leave them in now and they're cleaner. I'm sure the finish will wear with time, but as long as it's not rusted, I'm fine with it. So far, no harm done over a few cleaning cycles of 4 hours apiece.

          1. I like shiny racks so I always take them out and clean them manually with SOS pads...it's a pain but I don't like what they look like after the self clean cycle.