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Jan 31, 2010 12:58 PM


Not all asian restaurants are the heart of Sleepy Hollow NY lies what i consider to be in the dead of winter, a warm, cozy and the best asian foodie place around. Owners Sonny and Anne Soncharoen, along with their broods Val and John and granddaughter Lauryn make up what is known as Tyrynda Thai. My husband and I went there for our 13th wedding anniversary brunch and found the experience unbelievably well worth it. We walked into a brightly lit and inviting dining area, walls hung with Thai inspired art. A life-sized Buddha stands next to the bar, to which Sonny took complete control of, mixing every drink imaginable to a perfect tee. We started off with rolls, curry puffs and grilled beef. I was adamant about the grilled beef since it didn't sound very Thai-ish to me.Val explained how it is cooked and gently persisted i get it, so i did. It was the best beef ever. Nothing was overdone and all ingredients including the dipping sauces married well. Our entrees consisted of Pad Prig Khing (String beans & kaffir lime leaves w/ spicy chili paste) which we added beef, chicken and shrimp.The vegetables along with the meats that came with it which soaked up all the spices were fabulous. Next was Lamb Massaman Curry (Lamb, avocado & onions, w/ massaman curry) If you've never had lamb before, this is the perfect introduction. Sonny said the lamb shanks takes six hours to prepare BEFORE COOKING. The masaman curry with avocado chunks and the falling off the bone lamb meat was like heaven on earth And of course, Pad Thai with tofu. Clean, simple, authentic, the way pad thai should be. Our gracious hosts made our day even more special by sharing stories about life, family and cooking. Did it end there? No way. We were pleasantly surprised by dessert! Fried Ice Cream w/ Raspberry Sauce and Flan (on the house along with drinks of our choice). We have found a new favorite spot. This unassuming place tucked in the corner of college and cortlandt street is made special by the vision and warm spirit of its owners and staff. They know how cook. They know how to please and quite simply, they have very, very good food.

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  1. I forgot to attach the pix!

    1. We're back from a 2-month hiatus and Tyrynda keeps getting better. We were greeted by Sonny and met his son John for the first time. We went for dinner this time. We started with the Papaya Salad (served spicy with nuts, lettuce and tomatoes) and combo house (a crab cake, fried shrimps, chicken wontons and thai crepes). We missed the Thai crepes the first time because they ran out. Sonny said the crepes are made one at a time in a clay pot so when they're gone, you're out of luck!. The filling was really tasty but not heavy or fatty. I could taste the nuts and spices they mixed in it. The crab cake was real crab. None of that fake KRAB crap. The green papaya salad was a perfect start also... fresh, crunchy and light. Our entrees were Duck Tamarind and a whole red snapper (Pla Gra Prow-Fried fish, onions, bell peppers & chili w/ basil sauce). When I tell you the fish was fresh and fried to a crunchy perfection, I am not overreacting. I was crunching on the tail and fins, they were like potato chips! When we went the first time, Sonny said we should try the Duck Tamarind when we go back. So we did. The duck was fried but not oily. Crunchy but amazingly enough, for duck, not that fatty. The tamarind sauce it was served with was perfect. Mildly sour, sweet and salty. Nothing was overpowering or overstated.
      We're so happy we went back. The Soncharoens know good food. We will spread the word, again.

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        I have only eaten take-out from here (just about every other week)! so I can't comment on the dining experience, but I have always found the food to be excellent - otherwise I wouldn't keep ordering it!! And take-out is never as good as eating it freshly prepared, so I can imagine that the dining experience here is excellent, as you say.

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          When you get a chance wpfoodie, i hope you get to eat in the restaurant. Although, their food gets better after a day or two, i guess the flavors just blend well together with age. :)

      2. we liked this restaurant when it was thai village but the new owners have definitely kicked it up a notch. I thought the food was as good as zabbs or Sripraphai in queens (but prices were about 1/3 higher).

        We had drunken noodles, tamarind duck, pad thai and panang curry. We took the default setting on spiciness and it was hot but not "thai hot" which worked well for us. The drunken noodles were a real standout, maybe the best rendition I've had of this dish, but everything was great and service was perfect.

        Can't wait to go back!

        280 Hillside Ave, Williston Park, NY 11596