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Jan 31, 2010 12:54 PM

Need some great restaurants in Deer Valley/Park City Utah for 8 guys ski trip

I am in charge of the restaurant selection - all cuisines considered - great food - fun ambiance - need three restaurants for dinner - thanks hounds!

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  1. The burger at the Stein Eriksen lodge bar is great. The signature trout at Mustang has several big fans in our group of guys. Mariposa is very nice. Grappa in Park City is always great. Hope that is helpful.

    1. Miraposa at Deer Valley is great, but really pricey. My favorite restaurant is Wahso, an asian grill on main street in Park City. Their menu changes frequently, and I've never been disappointed. Chimayo (southwestern cuisine) is also another favorite (also located on main street). FYI, we always pick up a local paper, and they have great coupons for alot of restaurants (like Wahso--buy one entree, get one 1/2 off, or free...). Have a great trip!

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      1. This may help
        More specifically, I like
        I have heard Chez Betty is good but have not been

        I know you said all kinds but that really leaves it open...anything in particular?

        1. Chez Betty is fantastic. Can't believe I forgot it.

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            Good to know, what have you tried there/what do you reccomend?

          2. I've usually gotten salmon at Chez Betty but the Rack of Lamb is spectacular.

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              We are NY Chowhounders out here now too. Here is our list - experts please critique, we are open to anything. We have a family, so we might be a little off where you are going (don't worry, we will not get in the way as our reservations are all at 530pm for the kids sake (4 and6)).
              Mon Wahso
              Tue Grappa
              Wed Blue Iguana (spectacular SLC Mexican reportedly just opened here in PC)
              THur Prime
              Fri Spruce (the new place in the canyons, supposed to be pretty good)
              SatJ and G GRill in the St Regis (heard some reports about horrific amateur service so we may shift this one)

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                BillyBob, those all sound good, though I haven't been to all of them. I just want you to be aware that while Blue Iguana has some good food it IS NOT the same as the notorious Red Iguana.

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                  Hey BIllyBob,
                  what were your favourites from the trip to Deer Valley/Park City? am heading there tomorrow night through sunday. might stop in salt lake city for one dream meal -any advice there too! thanks!

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                    I went to the J&G grill last month and the service was a bit shaky. They forgot our drinks. After we reminded them they finally arrived after our entrees. Good food though, fabulous atmosphere and great views. I'd go back.

                    +1 for Grappa.

                    1. re: UTgal

                      I'm a fan of Grappa, too; I also like The Farm @ Canyons and Red Rock Brewery @ Redstone. They are different types of cuisine and venues, of course.