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Jan 31, 2010 12:10 PM

Cafe 668 - Great Asian Vegetarian - Can't understand why it isn't busy!?

We got takeout at Cafe 668 last after dining in a couple of weeks ago. The space is pretty, the service is great - it is a family run establishment and they are very friendly and happy to make any substitutions for you. And the food is really tasty.

A lot of the menu has mock meat made from wheat gluten, which is good if you like it - one dish had it the first time we were there, but it doesn't agree with my husband so last night I asked them to leave it out. They asked if tofu was ok and replaced it for us. So there is really no need to be intimidated by all the fake meat if it isn't your thing.

So far we've tried a few appetizers and three of the main course dishes. All were good - including the pad thai - no it isn't authentic, but since great pad thai is impossible in Toronto - it was really quite good. I think I'm obsessed with the summer rolls and the deep fried tofu' mushroom fried noodles and coconut rice is also good.

As a vegetarian, I'm always looking for great places and I simply can't understand how this place can be completely empty on a Saturday night and a place like Fresh, where half the things I've ordered have been inedible is always busy. It makes me a little sad.

So, if you're looking for great Asian veg food or even just Asian, or you're tying to figure out where to go to dinner with your vegetarian friends - give it a try. I would really hate to see this one not make it.

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  1. Location is an issue - it's a bit out of the way. Also one time I tried to go but forgot to write down the address, and couldn't find it, so went to Full Moon Vegetarian instead.

    1. I, too, really enjoyed the food I had there about a year or so ago. Unfortunately, it's in the west end, and I'm in the east, so I usually end up at Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen when I want that type of food. I find both places to be on par.

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        It is bland, bland and bland. Without being vegetarian, I love a lot of vegetarian food, but i found this place really boring. What about a bit of seasoning? And really, if one does not want to eat meat, why eat fake meat that tastes like cardboard?????

        1. re: fredster1

          I'm never been a fan of the faux meat. I've always found it very irritating in veg food. That said, I don't recall there being as much of the pesky stuff at 668 as other Asian veg. I thought the seasoning was quite nice at 668---I quite enjoyed the curried fried rice, I think it was. Just curious: What veg places do you think do a good job? I've always found it difficult to find tasty Asian veg food at veg restaurants. They usually will not use garlic and seem to use weird things to flavour food that "normal" Chinese/Asian places would never dream of using. I always expect that they'll do an awesome job making veggies tasty and healthy but usually I need to go to a "normal" Chinese place and pick around the meat dishes to find that sort of thing.

      2. I've tried this place a few times and have never been impressed. The service was neglectful and the food was bland. I had such high hopes! Maybe I'll try it again. I do love the idea of a good veggie spot.

        1. I really like this place too--more than Jean's Veg on the Danforth and more, actually, than any veg Asian place I can think of. AND they have wine. So I really love them! But they're so far away from me. Location, location, location...

          1. You reminded me I still need to check this place out. Thanks!