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Attman's Deli

On one level it seems a little silly to be reviewing a place that's been recommended time and time again on these boards. On the other it bears reiterating -- this may be the best restaurant in Baltimore in terms of doing what they set out to do.

Courtney and I went there yesterday after seeing the revival movie at the Charles. We showed up about 2:30, and between the time and the snow the line wasn't bad at all.

We got a reuben, a corned beef on rye with mustard, a hot dog with bologna and a sauerkraut, a bag of Utz salt and vinegar potato chips and two Dr. Brown's sodas.

Simply put, this was a fantastic meal. the corned beef on both sandwiches was fatty, meaty and perfect. The hot dog was amazing.

Given the snow and the lack of food in our kitchen we decided to grab some corned beef, pastrami, dill pickles and deli mustard for dinner at home. Again, perfect and delicious.

It's not fancy, it's not a white tablecloth joint, but what they do they do beautifully. I'd put Attman's up against any NYC deli. If I was on death row I'd choose an Attman's pastrami sandwich as my last meal. It's that good.

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  1. Here, here, was just there today,Sunday, no line at all to speak off.
    Corned beef on roll, mustard, a done pickle, bag of Utz chips and a Dr. Browns cream soda..craving another as I write this!!

    1. Love, love Attman's , I have been going there since I was a baby. My father use to do business with them and after all these years they still treat me like family, they treat everyone like family !!!

      1. As a transplanted NY'er I have to agree that Attman's is better than most and just about as good as the best NY deli's. Hate to rain on the parade but you might be interested in this. The NY Times has been running some stories on the amt. of salt in restaurant food. (due to Mayor Bloomerg's desire to impose limits). They sampled salt content in various restaurant's meals and the easy "winner" if you want to call it that was a corned beef sandwich with a pickle from Katz's deli (probably NY's best). It came in at 4,490 mg's!!!
        I read some of what you folks ate there and I could almost feel my blood pressure increasing. I'll still frequent Attman's but the time between visits will probably increase a bit. Keep it in mind when you chow down there folks.

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          They announced they're expanding to the parking lot next door.

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            C'mon guy, did you really need the good Mayor to tell you that deli had a lot of salt?

          2. G-U-S-T-O. You live life with gusto, Jon.

            Thanks for the review, you've whet my appetite for a visit.

            Attman's is the only place on earth I will eat liverwerst. Don't know why, but on their combo sandwiches, its delicious. Everywhere else it's just, well, liverwerst.

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              I still want to try this place - next time i'm in Baltimore!

            2. It's been a great place to get jewish style deli for over a half a century. My grandfather was one of the deli guys there in the 70's. It has character and flavor and the food is great. It is a throwback restaurant. It is Baltimore's version of Katz"s Deli.

              1. I went there this past wednesday and the corned beef still tastes the same as when i was a small child. For some reason i feel the sandwiches use to be a bit more stuffed years ago than they are now. It might be just me though.

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                  The sandwiches didn't get smaller. Your mouth got bigger as you grew and could actually fit around it to get a good bite.

                2. I am from New Jersey and spent some time around New York deli.
                  Attmans's is very good deli and worth my 45min drive from Silver Spring. I trid another deli today in Columbia Maryland and even though they make their own Corned Beef and the store was nice and clean it does not compare.

                  Attman's Authentic Ny Deli
                  1019 E Lombard St, Baltimore, MD 21202

                  1. Wow - finally got there today (or rather, had some brought to me). The corned beef is easily the best I've had. It has a smoky flavor to it. Lots on the sandwich. I'm stuffed. Apparently the place was doing amazing business when my coworkers went to pick it up.

                    1. Is it crazy that I dream of a Hot dog with grilled bologna....only to discover it was Attman's....went there as a kid (20+ years ago)???

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                        you're not crazy and for anyone reading this, if you go and they ask you if it's your first time, readily admit it (or go ahead and volunteer that info) and you might get a free and not too chintzy taste of the corned beef or pastrami.

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                          Hehe. I just posted on another thread. My dad said he used to go crazy for them as a kid. He said there was another place across the street that always had a line out the door, but that Attman's was better. It must be some hot dog. . .

                        2. Attmans is definately the best.Been going there for years. I've heard people talk about Weiss being better so I tried a corned beef on rye with mustard. It was o.k but a bit on the dry side. The dill pickles are nowhere near as good either. Given the food and the incredibly depressing atmosphere, I won't be back.