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Jan 31, 2010 10:52 AM

Spanish in Newark

Spain, Forno's and Casa Vasca used to be great spots in Ironbound in the 80s when I lived in NY/NJ

Coming back for a visit in March-- are these places still the best

Other suggestions?

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  1. Spanish tavern and Don Pepe are nice too, but was at Casa Vasca a few weeks back and it was fantastic. That complimentary lentil soup is amazing lol.

    1. Casa Vasca still excellent

      We like Don Pepe's as well

      Have heard mixed reviews on the others

      1. Casa Vasca is still my "go to" Spanish in Newark. I do like the tapas at Mompou,though.

        1. We just ate at Casa Vasca a few weeks ago and the food was delicious! One of the dishes I ordered was a special - grilled baby squid. One of the best things I've ever eaten.

          edit: wanted to add that there WAS one dish we ordered that none of us really liked - the stuffed clams. They were kind of soggy and the seasonings tasted off. But maybe it was just a bad day for the stuffed clams. (I hope so, because I LOVE stuffed clams...)