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Jan 31, 2010 10:51 AM

Superbowl Gumbo --Andouille near Stamford

Any place in lower FFD county to find Andouille for Superbowl party gumbo in honor of NOLA... or maybe make it easy on myself and just buy a finished gumbo at some market or restaurant?

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  1. The only shot jfood can think of is Soup Alley in Wilton and SONO. Possibly Jeff's in SONO as well. Call ahead to see.

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      Gaspar's Hot Chourico (Portuguese product out of Rhode Island) is available at most supermarkets in lower FFC and is a great substitue for Andouille, I use it in my Jambalaya and it receives raves! Hot or Extra Hot, usually $4 to $5 a pound.

    2. At Shop Rite Commerce Park in Stamford, off exit 6 on 95, they carry D'Artagnian (sp?) andouille and tasso ham. I haven't tried those 2 items, but in my experience, the D'Artagnian products (their Spanish style chorizo, and their bacon, specifically) are excellent. The products are stocked in the case right by the butcher's work area.

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        yeah, I've gotten andouille at Shop Rite, Costco and Stew Leonards.