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Jan 31, 2010 10:46 AM

Best Restaurant in New Brunswick Area for Business Meeting (10-15 people)


We live in South Jersey and I am helping my husband pick a spot midway for a business meeting from North Jersey and some people are arriving via Amtrak for this coming Wednesday night. Most who are attending are physicians/attorneys and we would like a restaurant that would have a private area and/or room as well as great food that would appeal to everyone's taste.. The first place we thought of was the Frog and the Peach - but does anyone else have any ideas for this type of gathering?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Stage Left as a couple of private rooms, the wine library is really nice too.

    1. Frog is an excellent choice. Another option is Steakhouse85 on Church St.

      1. Stage Left has the wine library...nice food in a nice could start upstairs at Catherine Lombardi's for cocktails, then go downstairs to dine.

        Daryl Wine Bar has a private room that can accomodate that sized group, it would be a good choice as well

        Steakhouse 85, classic steakhouse restaurant would be yet another fine choice.

        I would suggest any of these

        Personally I would never return to the Frog having experienced a horrible and downright rude experience there some time ago. They did not seem to care at all....oh well they lose my business and an recommendations from me.

        1. Thank you for your suggestions - we are still deciding but we read favorably about Due Mari on these boards- would this also be a possibility - any other thoughts ? -

          Thanks again!


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            Due Mari is very good...the chef there, Alex had a stint at David Drakes and he is quite good and accomodating

            Not sure if they have a private room though, cannot recall.

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              DEF Due Mari, or F&Peach depending on budget. Clydes is a "fun place", not corporate but has decent prices. FUN place, also not corporate but they may have a room -- Harvest Moon Brewery. Close to train, hospital etc.

              1. re: Yellowshirt

                Due Mari does in fact have a private room downstairs adjacent to the wine room. It is quite decent sized.

                All the suggestions here have merit. Have not had a bad meal to speak of at any of them (though I havent yet been to Katherine Lombardi's).

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