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Jan 31, 2010 10:25 AM

Cookware in Chicago??

Visiting Chicago this week - any recommendations for good cookware stores to check out?

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  1. Le crueset outlet at aurora IL, williams sonoma outlet at huntley or world kitchen outlet at gurnee. Sad but all 3 are far away from each other

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    1. re: pkmeeta

      Those almost don't count as "Chicago" -- if you can make it to Milwaukee, check out:

      Fein Bros.,
      2007 N Dr Martin Luther Kng Dr,
      Milwaukee, WI 53212-3192,
      (414) 562-0220

    2. How about independent stores (as opposed to franchises)?

      Post answers here:


        the other poster's suggestions are just the outlet stores that you can find all over the Country. Northwestern is unique to Chicago.

        1. Wow - in the words of Politeness, holy thread resurrection batman! I started this thread a year ago without much response and now coincidentally it is revived as I head back to Chicago. So thanks for the suggestions, question is still very active, I will definitely check out Northwestern

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              There are a number of restaurant supply stores that are open to the public (at least they used to be, might want to verify first) around the 1100 block of West Madison if you're interested in commercial cookware/appliances. Gold Brothers is one that comes to mind.


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                No, we're just all the people who are still writing "2010" on our checks!

              2. I posted a similar question recently to the Chicago board, and Northwestern was also mentioned. I do find it strange that more independent cooking stores aren't located in Chicago though. Maybe they do exist, but the feedback isn't coming through CH.

                I guess the housewares show makes up for that though...