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Jan 31, 2010 09:46 AM

Wedding at Gedney Farm, New Marlborough MA: How's the food and service there?

My fiance and I are considering booking Gedney Farm for our wedding this fall, and just really loved the barn there for our reception and the gorgeous feilds as backdrop for our ceremony. I was hoping someone could comment on the food there, as it's obviously something that is important to us. Also, if anyone has actually had a wedding at Gedney, we'd love to hear about your experience with the service as well. We've only been able to find a few reviews online, and, they have been less than stellar which really surprised us because we really thought the owner seemed quite accommodating, and wsa running the place smoothly. So, any info would be greatly appreciated! My whole family etc would be staying at The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge which we love.

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  1. Hi - my daughter got married at Gedney Farm 2 years ago (late August). We had around 200 guests and many stayed at Gedney (and the manor house). We had the rehearsal dinner on the manor house porch - and then the wedding and Sunday morning brunch. All the meals were fabulous - the chef at the time was Brian - a great guy to deal with. They were opened to all our ideas and I was able to bake and add my desserts and candy table to the festivities! The place is really a magical setting!! Same goes for the service - you should check out staying there as well. One of the best parts was "moving in" for the weekend and not having to go any place - (and we have a home about as far away as the Red Lion)

    1. Please let me know if you want any more info! If it's a small wedding - my other daughter got married at Dream Away Lodge up in Becket - we had around 80 for that one and the ceremony was on a hill and the party in a tent - it was also late August and just beautiful!

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        Thank you so much for the info, appreciate it from an insider!! The wedding would be approximately 125 people, farm only, and we agree the space is really magical. We had just read TripAdvisory reviews that were negative and got concerned, about the rooms being worn in, musty, and not really worth the hefty price along with bad service at the wedding, and subpar food. Given this just could have been one guys bad day, but it did raise a bit of a concern over the management of the place and the quality of the food. So your responses are giving us some more optimism! Truthfully I would love to have it there, but I think a few people still need some more convincing. Anything more inside scoop would be great! thanks again

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          Great timing - my daughter and son-in-law are just back in the city from a weekend up at our house. The best thing is for you guys to talk - I'll give them the info and they'll get back to you. And life in these old places in the Berks is DUSTY AND OLD!!! That's part of the charm. (We love the Red Lion but have friends who can't imagine staying there cause the floors are crooked - it's been around since the 1700 they're aloud to sag a bit!) I just spoke to Shani and she'd be happy to fill you in - her email is Hope that helps --

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            Thank you Mankori, your input is so appreciated!!! We really do have our heart set on the Farm and are trying to gather all the wonderful things we have heard about it. Completely know what you are saying about the creaky steps, dusty spots and mismatched furniture all being part of the charm. Thats why we love it! But you are right thats not right for everyone. But I guess in the end its our day right?! haha. But really thank you thank for all the info, the more we know the better. Would love to reach out to Shani, thanks!!

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            I live in The Berkshires and often read reviews posted on Trip Advisor...I eat in restaurants a good deal, and from where I am typing, it seems that an awful lot of cranky people post on Trip Advisor. I would recommend Gedney Farms highly.

        2. I live in The Berks and have cooked for some of the caterers in the area, especially South County. My wife grew up working at Old Inn on the Green and at Gedney Farm. The owners will go out of their way to help you realize your dreams. It is pricey but the food is outstanding and as good as, if not better than, other caterers in the area. As with any function there can be "potholes" to contend with but Gedney Farm has been hosting functions for many, many years and can get around any incident. One of the best things about doing business in a close community such as The Berks is that one ends up with a host of very talented individuals that can help weather any storm. Good luck!!!

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            Wow, Lenox637 you have made me feel much more confident about it. I was very happy to read your response. I sort of have that similiar feeling when I met with the manager of the Farm, but again having never eaten there or attended a function there its better to ask for the real scoop from someone who has. thanks again!!

          2. Bluetoile9, did you decide to go with Gendey? I am visiting there in the next few weeks to see if I want to plan my wedding there. Food is EXTREMELY important to me, what did you think???? You can email me directly at

            1. Hi there - I was wondering if you had ultimately picked Gedney Farm for your wedding, and - if so - what was your experience? My fiance and I are considering that site now. We love the venue, but have some questions about the accommodations and food. Thanks for any feedback, if you have!