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Jan 31, 2010 09:39 AM

[Kenilworth] Spending a week and looking for food recs.

Hi all,

I'm spending a week in Kenilworth and Coventry, away from my beloved sf bay area, and seeking food recommendations. I'm an adventurous eater and willing to spend a bit of money, but am also seeking mid-range suggestions too, and of any sort.

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  1. I'm not sure when your stay is taking place. If it's a few months down the road and the National Trust places are open, there are a few very good lunch spots to be found in them. If it's of interest, I can check the name of the one that won a prize for the food. I'm sorry not to have names for good dinners... but it's a beautiful area with lots to see.

    1. Coventry seems to be a food desert with not even a single mention in the usual guides. Surprising for the Midland's second largest city. Surely regional pride means that not everything is in Brum?

      1. It does seem a city the size of Coventry MUST have a hidden gem or two, but they certainly are quite well hidden. I too would be very happy to hear of any suggestions. I recently came across this discussion, but it seems like a good number of these are closed:

        Noodle Bar (in the center) does nice Chinese Noodles. Nothing fancy, but it is one of the few places in Cov. that's earned a return visit. It probably seems better if your frame of reference is Midlands Chinese takeaway food rather than Bay area Chinese, though.

        On the subject of Coventry Chinese, I recently picked up a flyer at the Cannon Park Asian grocery for a place that advertised Chongqing hotpot and other more unusual things, but promptly lost the flyer! Seems like it was over towards Walsgrave or Binley. might be worth investigating.

        For its size, Kenilworth has quite a number of places. Coconut Lagoon, a South Indian restaurant, was quite nice on my one visit there. I'm also curious about the Malaysian place Raffles, but haven't been willing to part with the money yet. Le Petit Gourmand has daily lunch specials and I've had a couple nice lunches there, but I haven't tried it for dinner. My choice for italian in KW is La Cucina, mostly because my kids eat there happily and its not a chain, but it's got some Sardinian dishes and the pizza's pretty good.

        1. In Kenilworth there are a few nice low key restaurants if you have a wander around. There used to be Simply Simpsons, sister restaurant to Simpsons in Birmingham, but this is now Petit Gourmand as mentioned above. I haven't had the chance to visit yet, but friends have told me that it's lovely. I've also heard good things about Raffles.
          A little down the road is Leamington Spa, with plenty of restaurants for you to visit. Excellent french food at good prices is found at Le Bistrot Pierre and Oscars, sushi at Sushiya and a decent Indian can be found at Memsaab. If you don't mind traveling a little further, Mallory Court has a michelin star
          In Coventry the choice is currently a little lacking, I generally enjoy a cheap eat at Browns. Gorgeous home cooked food with big portions and a lovely atmosphere. Good selection of beers too.