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Jan 31, 2010 07:14 AM

April in New Orleans/dining solo/relaxed

I have been reading all the posts I can about where to dine. will be staying at the W near the convention center for a convention. Will have a car. Can't walk far for health reasons.

I seek places I can go solo while hubby is at conference. Want neighborhoods to visit. Any good museum ideas? dining options? area with antique shops (actually mid century modernism), book stores, local culture.
a few places to people watch, enjoy the locale and where it is comfortable to speak with others at lunch.
Thanks, looking forward to suggestions. there will be another thread on dining with a small group. this is my request for enjoyable and RELAXING dining solo places.

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  1. Unclear why some posts go unreplied to... anyway, the Loews hotel is right across the street from the W on Poydras. The Swizzle Stick Bar there is nice, and I believe they serve food from Cafe Adelaide also in the hotel. You can always chat with the bartenders, who are friendly, if it's a slow day. If you can walk a few blocks Lil' Dizzy's is not too far away, also on Poydras -- that might fit the bill.

    1. WWII museum is excellent and the American Sector restaurant in it is very good, it's another John Besh place. Magazine Street is a good bet for antiques, as well as the French Quarter.
      I prefer to walk up and down Magazine and hit Sucre for some ice cream and other sweets.

      The nice thing about New Orleans is anyplace you go to eat, you will have people sitting at the bar that will keep you entertained for some time.

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        I can't agree with this recommendation more. The WWII museum an outstanding, emotional, and beautiful documentation of the American involvment in WWII. Most importantly, it documents New Orleans major contribution of the Higgin's boat. It is handicap accessible, and I seem to remember there are carts if you don't have your own.

        I've read wonderful things about American Sector and plan to dine there during my April trip. The WWII is really a do not miss in NOLA!

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          American Sector: nice concept, mediocre food,. abominable service.

        2. Folks seem pretty open in the Bywater, you could try something there for a change of pace, maybe Satsuma for lunch, maybe Mimi's in the Marigny for tapas later on.

          1. when I go back, it's kind of nice to just get a table at a street side restaraunt, order a beer and a shrimp po boy and kick back and watch the people go by. It's pretty easy to find a decent po boy if you are in the mood for something easy but local.

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              besides treking out to Parway, any suggestion for that local place for a poboy?

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                Just about anywhere.. several of the places that sell fresh seafood will also sell sandwiches. Can't get any fresher than that.. grab a Barq's rootbeer, a sandwich and find a park bench. If you are driving into New Orleans.. jump off at Gause Blvd in Slidell. There's a fish market not far off the interstate that does this.

                Last time I was in the quarter.. just wandered into one of the restaraunts with open doors on Bourbon St. couldn't tell you the name of it.. for a sandwich I wouldn't be too afraid to just try some place that appealed to me.

            2. The original comment has been removed