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Jan 31, 2010 06:54 AM

Orlando: Cheap Eats 10 dollars and under a plate

Just got back from Vacation and we spent a little more than we wanted to. We love to go out once a week but will have to tighten our budget for a bit.

I was looking for good food that is under ten dollars a plate(lunch or dinner). I don't mind chains as long as you think the food is good. It can be Lunch or Dinner.

Red Bamboo - Lunch
Soups are 2.95-3.95
Entress are between 6-8

Giribaldi's on Semoran
Lunch or Dinner
Most items are undet 10 dollars

Pho 88
Lunch or Dinner
Most Items are under 10 dollars

We aren't picky eaters and will try anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)

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  1. rice and beans cocina latina, lunch and dinner for around 8.00

    1. Lil anthonys pizza on hwy 50. Hot dog hevean on hwy 50. Old dixie fried chicken,,Orange avenue. Taste of jamaica, hwy 441 and claracona -ocoee. China club university and alafaya. Backyard burgers and whataburger on university.

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      1. Chilango's on 434 in Winter Springs. Has a good Mexican menu, a nice family-style atmosphere and (at least a few months ago) was offering a buffet dinner on Monday. Great value for the money and nice, local business owner.

        Anybody have any chow-worthy budget suggestions for seafood in Orlando/Seminole County?

        162 W State Road 434, Winter Springs, FL 32708

        1. there are tons of restaurants that are offering great happy hour and/or bar deals these days. Brio, The Palm, Flemings, Moonfish, Timpanoes, Mortons are just a few, you can eat well for under 10 bucks at all of the above.