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Jan 31, 2010 05:12 AM

Supplies for Lunar New Year/Passover in Vienna

I currently live in Brno, Czech Republic. While I love this city, I have not found many resources for the Asian or the Ashkenazi foods that I am used to in the US. Normally this doesn't bother me, as I enjoy the local foodstuffs very much and am content with it. However, two major holidays are fast approaching, the Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year) and Passover ( yes, I know it's two months away but these things sneak up fast).

I've investigated both the Vietnamese market and the Japanese shop in town as well as made enquiries of local friends without much success for the things I have an annual craving for. (Have tried for the last two years without luck.)

In two weeks, I will go to Vienna for one day. Can anyone recommend any reasonably priced shops where I can find the ingredients for Lunar New Year? (Note I do not consider Julius Meinl "reasonably priced" .) New Year's Cake especially! Or restaurants that might offer some specialties for Lunar New Year? (Extra bonus would be a good Chinese BBQ place.)

And Passover? I don't require Kosher for Passover certification but at least some matzos, preferably egg. (Last year, I had to ask a visiting friend stationed in Italy to bring me a box from the base commissary. Alas, she is stationed elsewhere now.)

I've tried the Neumarkt in Vienna before, as well as the 2 or 3 asian groceries that are adjacent., which were OK, but culinarily a bit on the haphazard and small side. Are there better places to look?

One thing that makes this a challenge is that I will travel by either train or bus which means a 2 hour ride with limited refrigeration. ( I have a portable cooler that I normally take with me.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Hi, you're in luck, i was just browsing the chow forums and might be able to help you with most of your needs.
    Best address for asian groceries imho is to be found in the Zieglergasse in the 7th district (Metro U3 Station Zieglergasse). Its calles Nakwon and you can find it here:
    For jewish food, check out the old jewish quarter in the 2nd district, you can get there from the Metro Station Schwedenplatz (U1 & U4) just cross over the bridge from there and you should find it easily (there is one in the "Kleine Sperlgasse
    )While i'm not sure about the BBQ one of the best Chinese Restaurants in Town is Tsin Tao close to the Westbahnhof (and to nakwon too). They are known to be the most authentic ones and famous for both their Dim Sum (over 100 variations) and their ugly interiour design :-)
    I hope this helps,

    cheers and have fun in vienna!

    G. (CervAnteZ

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      Yes, that is what I'm looking for ! Thank you and I'll report back after I've gone.

    2. Here is the list of kosher groceries and butchers in Viennas 2nd district:

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      1. re: Sturmi

        Ooooooo! I see great potential here. I will bring both my backpack and my cooler. I hope the cold temperatures hold out until after I have my purchases safely home. :-)
        Have you been to any of these shops?
        (and apologies for the mistake in my original post; I should have written Naschmarkt, not Neumarkt.)

        1. re: alycon

          Yes, but dont ask me which one...

          I just drop in and get something yummy when I pass by, I do not remember the exact name and address. Thats why I relied on the "official list" as reference !!


      2. I'm back from my day out in Vienna. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my travelling companion, we spent too much of the day walking aimlessly not nearly enough time eating or shopping. She had wanted to be in charge of planning our day ( and I agreed) but her preparation left much to be desired and as a result, we lost considerable time.

        Sadly, by the time we arrived in the 2nd district, all the shops on my list were closed. I had anticipated early closing for Shabbat,, but not early enough. Given my experiences in other Jewish quarters and having worked in a Jewish bagelry in my youth, I had guessed they would close an hour before sunset. Uh, no. According to the posted hours for most of the shops, they closed at 2PM on Fridays. Drat. My loss.

        Still we did manage to make it to two places.

        Ober laa was wonderful! I had the chocolate mousse torte and it was perfect! A thin layer of dark chocolate genoise, just enough to give the mousse a sturdy base, wonderful chocolate mousse and gently melted chocolate for the top layer. Delicious!

        Nakwon is primarily an Korean market, with marked preference for Japanese foodstuffs. NIce selection of basic Asian produce and a large section of Indian spices, spice mixes and sauces. Also they offer many frozen products.. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to explore Korean food. There are products from Indonesia, Malaysian, Thailand, etc. . . as well but not a very large selection. If you go, be aware that the store is partially organized by country and partially by food type. So, for example, you will find Korean sauces in the Korean section, but the Chinese and the Indonesian sauces will be in the sauce section.

        Many thanks to Sturmi and CervAnteZ for their great suggestions! Please, keep them coming! Given my failure in the 2nd district this time around, I am already making plans to return to Vienna next month, so I can make a second attempt to shop for Passover and also for Persian New Year . . .