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Jan 31, 2010 03:20 AM

Request for general recommendations for Woburn area

Hi all,

I'm moving from Arlington to the north Woburn area and I'm looking for general recommendations for the area. Particularly recs for good places to get pizza, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and any good bakeries. I'd also love to hear about anything else in that area that people think is good.


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  1. lanna thai is good:

    a little farther away, on rt 3 just north of burlington, pongol is very hard to beat:

    I've had perfectly respectable dim sum at the woburn outpost of china pearl in the past, but have not been lately :

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    1. re: lisa13

      China Pearl Dim Sum in woburn is excellent. (ive only been sundays around 11-11:30 timeframe)

      Sichuan Garden is perhaps the best chinese in the area, especially if you like spicy.

      H-mart in Burlington is great. Some tasty Korean food in the food court.

      1. re: hargau

        ditto Sichuan Garden...just don't be weird and order silly stuff like "egg rolls and fried rice". That's like going to a mexican place and trying to order Italian food :-P Get the spicy specials and tell them to make it extra spicy and enjoy it :-)

        China Pearl dim sum in Woburn is just barely ok to me. Smaller selection than Boston and doesn't taste as good. It's ok if you don't want to drive in.

        1. re: Spike

          How long since you have been to China Pearl? Have you been since it became "new china Pearl" with the new owners? I think they have 95% of what boston has and its 90-95% as good. They even now setup the serving table with things like snails, noodles, liver?, tripe, clams, like they do in boston. Free parking, no tolls, shorter wait and closer easily makes up for the difference. We still go to boston alot but go to Hei La Moon when we do usually.

    2. I love Pho 1 in North Woburn on 38, almost right across the street from Lanna Thai.

      1. Masa is decent Southwestern/Mexican cuisine and Ixtapa isn't bad either.

        1. For pizza, there's Louie's in Woburn and Pizza in Piazza (downstairs from Lucia's) in Winchester. Mamadou's bakery in Winchester is excellent. Sichuan Garden is good for Chinese.

          1. Louie's and The Sub Factory for pizza; Pho #1 Thai; Cafe 88 Winchester chinese take out; Deli Works Stoneham, pizza; Roast Beef Roundup for Beef sandwiches and fries; Sichuan Garden for eat in chinese